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Introduction to ICT International Summer School

Time: Oct 31, 2022

ICT (Information and Communications Technology) International Summer School is one of the important programs of the International Week, and has become a popular course of wide interest to the students for its exciting activities such as international lectures, cross-cultural exchanges, exploratory technology practices, and interaction with Chinese top entrepreneurs.

The Summer School program revolves around five major themes. First, with the innovative integration of summer classes and traditional teaching, the program invites leading Chinese and foreign academic masters into the lecture hall to share the latest ICT frontiers. Second, a beneficial exploration into Chinese culture and technology frontier enables the program to focus on the academic frontier in the field of electronic information and traditional Chinese culture. By establishing close contact with well-known experts and scholars at home and abroad, the program promotes their understanding of the development and achievement of China's information and communication technology, and enriches their appreciation of traditional Chinese culture and long history. Thirdly, by building a platform for industrial practice and integration of innovation and entrepreneurship, the program provides the opportunities of having dialogues with innovation pioneers to the students, showing them around innovative enterprises and allowing them to communicate face-to-face with young Chinese pioneering innovative entrepreneurs and ICT business managers. Fourth, the program fosters good opportunities for cross-cultural communication and language improvement. Through the "1+1" pairing approach, the program incorporates a 10-day interactive learning in which the students will communicate in English with students from universities around the world. Fifth, the program carries out a practical exploration of social service. The students will enhance their sense of social responsibility and ability to work together to solve problems and anticipate risks through volunteer work.