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Prof. Xueli Chen’s team publishes research in top international journal Science Advances

Time: Apr 17, 2023

Recently, Prof. Xueli Chen’s team published a paper entitled “Label-free structural and functional volumetric imaging by dual-modality optical-Raman projection tomography” in Science Advances (Sci. Adv. 2023, pp. 443-544). The authors are with the Laboratory of Biomedical Photonics and Molecular Imaging, School of Life Science and Technology, Xidian University, and Xi’an Key Laboratory of Intelligent Sensing and Regulation of Trans-Scale Life Information.Xidian University is the institutionthat the first author and sole corresponding author of the paper works with. NanWang, a doctoral student of the School of Life Science and Technology(now a postdoctor of Xidian University), is the first author of the paper, andprofessors XueliChen, Shouping Zhu and HuiXie are the co-corresponding authors. This is the first research articlepublished on Science sub-journal completely produced by Xidian University.

Aiming at the inability of traditional 3D volume imaging technology to simultaneously image sample microstructure and biochemical components, the team proposed a dual-modality label-free volume imaging technology combining Raman projection imaging and optical projection imaging,namely optically Raman projection tomography (ORPT).It uses the optical projection tomography module to obtain the high-resolution microstructure of three-dimensional samples, and employs the wide-field Raman projection tomography to obtain the distribution of the samples’biochemical components. The dual-modality label-free visualization of 3D sample microstructure and biochemical component distribution is realized.

Prof. Chen’s team has been engaged in the research of biomedical photonics imaging and detection technology and its biomedical applications for years.They have published a series of key research results in domestic and international journals, including Sci. Adv., Nat. Commun., Photonics Res., IEEE Trans. Biomed. Eng., and Opt. Lett. The research articles have been cited and positively evaluated by cross-field scholars such as engineering professionals and clinicians.Their relevant research haswonsecond prize of Shaanxi Natural Science Award, first prize of Shaanxi Science and Technology Award of Colleges and Universities, first prize of Innovation Award of China Invention Association, and other scientific and technological awards.


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