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17 Ministerial or Provincial Key Laboratories

Time: Oct 31, 2015

Ÿ  Biomedical Engineering

Ÿ  Microcircuit High Reliability Techniques

Ÿ Computer Network and  Information Security

Ÿ  Microwave Communication Techniques

Ÿ Computer Peripherals and Instruments

Ÿ  Network and System Security

Ÿ  Electronic Countermeasure

Ÿ New Laser Instrument and Optical Information

Ÿ  Electric System Integration Design Techniques

Ÿ  New Semiconductor Materials and Instruments

Ÿ  Electro-mechanics

Ÿ  Software Systematic Engineering

Ÿ General-purpose  Electronic Devices and measurement

Ÿ  Wireless Communications

Ÿ Intelligent  Materials and Sensors

Ÿ  Wireless  Physics

Ÿ  Mathematical Modeling