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Key Laboratory of Intelligent Perception and Image Understanding of Ministry of Education

Time: Oct 31, 2015

The Key Laboratory of Intelligent Perception and Image Understanding of Ministry of Education has a floorage of 4000 square meters, including the Research Laboratory of Computing Intelligence, the Research Laboratory of Machine Learning, the Research Center of Intelligent Biological Information, the Research Laboratory of Image Processing Systems, and the Research Laboratory of Aerospace Electronic Information, and it has established the “Xidian University-HP Corporation High-Performance Computing Joint Laboratory” in cooperation with the HP Corporation. It has good conditions for making experiments, and is equipped with the HP clustering high-performance computing server with its computing speed reaching approximately 1012 times per second, several sets of HP graphic processing subsystems, and quite a few IBM workstations from the low end to the high end, Dell servers, and Sun servers. Since 2005, the Laboratory has undertaken over 120 national research projects.

The Laboratory has achieved remarkable successes in teaching staff construction, forming a teaching contingent with young and strong academic pacesetters as backbones and energetic young doctors as the vital new force. It has set up the “Cheung Kong Scholar” chair professorship and the mobile program for postdoctoral research. It enrolls postdoctoral research fellows in three disciplines of “electronic science and technology”, “information and communication engineering”, and “control science and engineering”. It enrolls master students and doctoral candidates in the specialties of “circuit and system”, “pattern recognition and intelligent system”, and “intelligent information processing”. Up to now, it has trained over 60 doctors and post-doctors, and over 200 master students.

With the support of the “Ninth Five Year Plan-Project 211”, “Tenth Five Year Plan-Project 211”, and “Eleventh Five Year Plan-Project 211” programs, the Laboratory has made remarkable advances, growing from the small beginning to a large unit. In 2002, with Professor Bao Zheng’s suggestion and powerful support, on the basis of the existing scale, the Laboratory further widened its research fields, and approved by the University, it established the Institute of Intelligent Information Processing and the Ministry of Education Laboratory for Returned Personnel. In 2005, the Intelligent Information Processing Team was assessed as one of the four innovation teams of the first batch by the University. In 2006, it was approved as the National “111” Innovation Wisdom-absorbing Base. It imported Dr. Tian Jie in 2006 and was approved as the “Cheung Kong Scholar-Supporting Program” Innovation Team by the Ministry of Education.

In September of 2003, the Laboratory sponsored the international conference on intelligent computing and multimedia technology, and in September of 2006, it sponsored the second international conference on natural computing and the third international conference on fuzzy system and knowledge discovery.

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