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Key Laboratory of Super High-speed Circuit Design and Electromagnetic Compatibility, Ministry of Education

Time: Oct 31, 2015

The Key Laboratory of Super High-speed Cirsuit Design and Electromagnetic Compatibility, Ministry of Education, usually referred to as the Institute of Computer Aided Curcuit Design (CACD), is officially set up in June 1989. It provides a doctoral program in circuit and system.

CACD mainly engages in research of the circuit design and the automation system design. Specific research directions include design of integrated circuit fo visual video application, electronic design, automation design, ,manufacturing integration, EDA software development, signal integrity analysis, circuit fault diagnosis, testing and measurability design, integrated circuit and system thermal analysis, an embedded chip and system design, etc.

CACD is composed of six institutes, the Institute of Circuit and System Design, the Institute of Signal Integrity Analysis and Design, the Institute of EDA Software Development, the Institute of Motion Visual Signal Processing, the Institute of Signal and Analog Integrated Circuit Design and Technology, and the Institute of Embedded Systems and Power Line Data Communication. There are over 20 technicians including 2 professors, 3 associate professors, and 5 lecturers. It has over 100 computer workstations, microcomputer and peripherals, about 50 electronic equipments, etc.

Office Add.:Room A-910, Main Building, North Campus