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An Introduction to Extensive Reading

Time: Jun 10, 2019

地址 C-129of South Campus 事件时间: 2019-06-12 09:30:00


An Introduction to Extensive Reading


Dr.   Richard Day


2019-06-12 09:30:00


C-129of South Campus

Lecturer    Profile

Richard is well-known for his work in   extensive reading. He is the co-editor of the scholarly journal, Reading in a   Foreign Language, and is the co-founder and chairman of the Extensive Reading   Foundation. He has traveled extensively to conduct workshops and   presentations on reading and teacher development. Richard is the co-author of   Impact Issues Books 1–3 (Pearson Longman) and Cover to Cover 1–3(Oxford   University Press).

Lecture    Abstract

Extensive reading   (ER) is approach to the teaching and learning of a foreign language (FL) that   involves students reading large quantities of material in the new language.   The goal is to help students learn to read the FL. Research has clearly   demonstrated that we learn to read by reading. This may be accomplished through   an ER program.

Students   who engage in ER also improve their overall language proficiency and their   attitudes toward the FL and their motivation for learning the FL. It can be   blended into any language course and program, regardless of the focus or methodology.

Among   the key components of an ER program is that the students must have access to   a large number of books that are easy for them to read. Another key component   of an ER program is that the students choose what to read.