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Recruitment Talents around the World for Xidian University

Time: May 21, 2024

Xidian University  is a national key institution of higher education under the direct jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education,which integrates engineering, science, liberal arts and management with eletronics and information as the dominant academic areas. Xidian is a member of China's key national education initiatives of Project 211 and Project 985 Innovation Platform, recognized as a Double First-Class university in both 2017 and 2022. Xidian is guided by the core principles of prioritizing talent as its primary resource, emphasizing a talent-focused strategy, and giving top priority to talent development. To promote academic development and the construction of high-level talent teams, Xidian now warmly welcomes talents around the world to join us for postdoctoral research!

Overview of Postdoctoral Researchers

Since 1990, Xidian has recruited more than 1,000 postdoctoral researchers, most of whom have emerged as experts or academic leaders in domestic and international first-class universities or high-level scientific research institutions.

Since 1989, Xidian has successively set up 15 postdoctoral mobile stations for Information and Communication Engineering, Electronic Science and Technology, Physics, Mechatronic Engineering, Computer Science and Technology,  Control Science and Engineering, Mathematics, Instrument Science and Technology, Cyberspace Security, Software Engineering, Optical Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, Management Science and Engineering, and Integrated Circuit Science and Engineering.

The four mobile stations for Information and Communication Engineering, Electronic Science and Technology, and Computer Science and Technology were rated as EXCELLENT in the recent national mobile station evaluation.

I. Position Requirements

Have a track record of notable achievements in relevant academic fields and research projects that hold promising prospects, and have obtained a doctoral degree domestically or internationally for no more than three years, with the age below 35.

II. Position Benefits

1. Annual salary starting from RMB 300,000/350,000 , plus additional performance-based incentives.

2. During the tenure at Xidian, children are entitled to benefits including access to affiliated educational institutions ranging from preschool to secondary school.

3. Outstanding full-time postdoctoral researchers can apply for faculty positions when they are recruited. Enjoy a higher annual salary and supporting benefits of faculty positions: scientific research start-up funding of RMB 120,000 - RMB 300,000, settlement allowance of RMB 200,000 - RMB 350,000, monetized housing subsidies of about RMB 1,000/month, etc.

III. Resources of Development

1. Xidian currently hosts 15 postdoctoral mobile stations, 27 secondary teaching and scientific research institutions, 13 national-level science and technology innovation bases including the national key laboratory and national engineering research center, 67 provincial and ministerial-level science and technology innovation bases, 70 university-enterprise joint laboratories and other high-level scientific research platforms to promote the growth of talents.

2. During the tenure at Xidian, those who meet the requirements can apply to participate in professional and technical title evaluation.

3. Xidian fully supports postdoctoral researchers in applying for various national and Shaanxi provincial project grants and postdoctoral competitions.

IV. Promotion Channel

1. Outstanding full-time postdoctoral researchers can apply for faculty positions upon expiration of their work.

2. Exceptionally outstanding full-time postdoctoral researchers eligible for permanent faculty positions may apply for permanent faculty positions, and they will be managed and enjoy benefits according to the staffing of government affiliated institutions.

3. Postdoctoral researchers meeting Xidian's selection requirements for "Huashan Scholar" positions may apply for this position.

V. Recruitment Process

1. Individually apply to the desired unit to determine the mobile station and cooperative supervisor.

2. The recommending unit, in collaboration with the mobile station, will conduct an interview and comprehensive examination for the applicant.

3. Once Xidian completes the review and filing, following a successful public notice period with no objections, procedures for entry and employment will be initiated.

Introduction to Xidian

Focusing on the fields of electronics and information, Xidian is working diligently to create a top-notch discipline system characterized by a solid foundation, strong faculty, sustained development, and distinctive features. Xidian has 27 secondary teaching and scientific research institutions and boasts two national Double First-Class disciplines of Information and Communication Engineering and Computer Science and Technology, two national-level first-level key disciplines, seven national-level secondary key disciplines, 35 provincial and ministerial-level key disciplines, 15 first-level disciplines authorized to confer doctoral degrees, and 27 first-level disciplines authorized to confer master degrees. Additionally, Xidian hosts 15 postdoctoral mobile stations and sets up 66 undergraduate specialties. Xidian has achieved all-round progress in the recent national first-level discipline evaluation, with Information disciplines leading the nation . Since 2016, Xidian has won 16 state science and technology awards (including 10 awards (Xidian as the leading unit) and one first prize) and two preeminent science and technology awards of Shaanxi Province.

Contact Information

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Postdoctoral Management Office

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Contact Information for Each Teaching and Scientific Research Unit

To help better understanding Xidian's postdoctoral policies and research groups, we will regularly hold "Gathering Doctoral Students in Xidian" talent negotiation activities. Please join the WeChat group in advance for talent negotiation activity and have the opportunity to engage in on-site one-on-one communication with core members of research groups! look forward to your active participation !