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Gen Zer SU Hanyu, a HSCT donor: Be the light for others;Be the light for yourself

Time: Nov 17, 2022

(Correspondents: FAN Tianhui, TIAN Cheng and JI Xin)

“Hello, is that the Shaanxi Branch of China Marrow Donor Program?”

In the summer vacation, SU Hanyu, a senior undergraduate student majoring in Industrial Engineering in the School of Economics and Management, Xidian University, called the Shaanxi Branch of China Marrow Donor Program (CMDP).On an ordinary afternoon during his internship at Wuhu City, Anhui Province, as he was taking a nap duringlunch break, Hanyu was woken up by a series of calls from his parents. Only then did he know that he had just missed a call from CMDP to inform him of a successful matching. He immediately called back after a brief explanation to his parents.

“In the course of the roll callon Sunday evening, our instructor told us the story of ZHENG Jiawei, a 2015 upper classman and donor of hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs) to save others. I was deeply moved by that story, and it helpedme to understand themeaning and value of life.” SU Hanyu said.He felt lucky to bring a glimmer of hope to others.

Donating HSCs is a race for life rescue against time,as SU Hanyu knows well. After learning his HSCs were successfully matched with those of a patient in Beijing, he started his “relay of love”.

Warm and kind hearts can gather the glimmer of glowworms

The donation for hematopoietic stem cells transplantation (HSCT) requires high physical fitness and has many procedures, SU Hanyu’s parents objected to his HSC donation, fearing that it would cause irreversible damage to his body. For this reason, he patiently explained to his parents and made them feel at ease. On July 10, Su Hanyu decided to complete the donation first and then inform his parents: he did not want his parents to worry about him.

For the recipient, donation is to compete for time with the disease in uncertainty, as the patient’s condition can take a turn for the worse at any moment. On July 11, the recipient’s condition deteriorated to the point where blood could not be drawn. Shaanxi Branch immediately decided to transfer SU Hanyu’s data to Anhui and complete the donation in Wuhu City, where he was doing his internship. The next day, due to the urgent situation, SU Hanyu received high-resolution HLA matching text and physical examination at the same time, “YIN Jianjun, a staff member from the Wuhu Red Cross Society, told me that generally the matching test takes more than half a month, and that the pre-donation physical examination will be carried out only after the test is successful, so I prayed for the success of the matching in the days after the test.” Recalling the anxiety while waiting for the result, SU Hanyu thought he was very lucky. On July 19, YIN Jianjun excitedly informed him of a successful match,and afterwards the donation procedure officially started.

Devote yourself to show boundless love

After asking for leave from his internship, SU Hanyu was immediately admitted to Yijishan Hospital of Wannan Medical College. From July 26 to 29, he received one injection of mobilization agent in the morning and one in the eveningso that large quantities of stem cells can be pooled and collected. “In fact, I have rarely had injections or fluids since childhood, and I am still a little nervous, but I can overcome it.” On the morning of July 30, the hospital began to collect HSCs. From 8:30 am, during more than three hours of collection, SU Hanyu was lying still inbed with his clothes soaked with sweat. The equipment beside his bed were operating, and the digits displayed on the monitortouched everyone’s heart.

After the completing of the collection, a heavy bag full of dark red plasma was immediately sent to Beijing, where it will be used to rescue a five-year-old patient with hemophagocytic syndrome and lymphoma.It is not only a life-saving blood bag, but also a family’s hope for life.

Recalling the moments in the donation process, SU Hanyu felt both lucky and moved. “Because there are usually many unexpected situations from the initial matching to the collection and donation, such as failedhigh-resolution HLA matching, failed donor physical examination, etc., I feel very lucky to have been able to complete the donation.” SU Hanyu was deeply moved by the volunteers of the Wuhu Red Cross Society who took good care of him. “After knowing I am from Chongqing,YIN Jianjun from the Wuhu Red Cross Societycooked Chongqing-style dishes for me every day during my stay in the hospital. There were other volunteers, who I probably wouldn’t have the chance to meet again in the future, but in the days together, we were a group of strangers fighting side by side for the same cause. I was really touched.”

Passing on love and warmth

When talking about HSC donors, SU Hanyu said, “Everyone’s childhood should be carefree but that little patient has been receiving puncture and chemotherapy every day because of blood diseases. Ifeel so sorry for him.” We sincerely wish him a speedy recovery to his brilliant life. “Maybe I will meet that child someday. Although we wouldn’t recognize one another, I still think it will be a wonderful moment.”

2022 is SU Hanyu’s last year of studying at Xidian University, and he is ready to step into the society, searching for the meaning of life in his work. “Those who give people light mustcontinue to carry the torch,” said instructor AN Xiang. SU Hanyu has been enthusiastic about public service during college and has been the backbone of the Youth Volunteers Association of the University. He turned his loving heart into a torch to illuminate the life of others. His story will keep inspiring us.


Thank-you letters from the receiver’s family

“Big brother, when I miss you, I will look at the sun because I know that the sun will shine on you...” On the lemon-scented paper, the sincere and warm words of blessing written by the little boy and his family are interwoven in SU Hanyu’s memory into this unique and precious experience, which will always give him the courage to look back, so that he can have the power of quiet and profound nature when striding toward his youthful ideal.