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2022 ZHI-XING CHINA--XIDIAN UNIVERSITY GLOBAL YOUNG LRADERS PROGRAM successfully completes the first stop in Pucheng County

Time: Jun 11, 2022

Xidian News (By LI Wenhui, LI Xinyue) From June 8th to 9th, the team of “ZHI-XING CHINA--XIDIAN UNIVERSITY GLOBAL YOUNG LRADERS PROGRAM” went to Pucheng County, Weinan City to carry out the activity “Rural revitalization · digital intelligence in Pucheng”, experiencing the practice exploration and development achievements of China’s rural revitalization strategy in the era of digital intelligence.

The participants came to the nine-year school in Sufang Town, Pucheng County, and held the theme class meeting of “beautiful hometown, green life” for the sixth-grade students of the school, and played basketball and football friendly games with the teachers and students of the school.

The participants walked into the melon base in Pucheng County, investigated the service platform “Farmer in charge (Nongzhangmen)”, learned about the targeted assistance model “Internet+ modern agriculture”, and communicated with agricultural scientists in the fields.

They visited the Dairy Goat Industry Smart Breeding Center in Dangding Village, Pucheng County, and studied the application of artificial intelligence, big data, Internet of Things and other important technologies to the refined management and the health monitoring of dairy goats in the “Dr Sheep” Dairy Goat Smart Breeding Project.

They investigated the comprehensive construction and management project of domestic waste classification in Pucheng County, and learned in detail the technological process and main principle of domestic waste incineration for power generation.

Zhang Yifei, a graduate student from the School of Foreign Languages, said, “In order to revitalize the countryside, education must go first. Thanks to the strategy of rejuvenating the country through science and education and the practical and targeted assistance of universities, the teaching quality of the nine-year school in Sufang Town has been greatly improved. We were deeply moved by the teachers’ passion and dedication to education.”
Cong Mingchang, a graduate student from the School of Marxism, said, “Farmers monitor the breeding of dairy goats and the growth of melons in real time through the smart technology platform. The organic combination of advanced technology, traditional production experience and innovation, have boosted rural revitalization, enabling us to have a beautiful vision of agricultural modernization.”
MABANDZA RANDOL MARDOCHE, a Congolese student from the School of Economics and Management, said, “In Xidian, I can not only learn the knowledge from books, but also feel the great rivers and mountains of China, and learn about China’s practical experience in rural revitalization. I want to share with my family and friends everything I have learned and felt, so that they can better understand the real China, the current China, and the future China.”