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New Breakthrough!Xidian students win the champion of ISPD 2022 Contest

Time: Apr 11, 2022

Xidian News (By Wang Xinyi, You Hailong)
Recently, ACM ISPD (International Symposium on Physical Design) announced the contest results that the graduate team of School of Microelectronics of Xidian University won the global champion. It has been 18 years since ISPD first held contest, and it is the first time that a university in Chinese mainland won the champion in the section of

ISPD is the world's top symposium on physical design, which is organized by the ACM (Association for Computing Machinery). Since 2005, it has been held 18 consecutive sessions. Every year, first-class companies and universities in the industry publish contest topics and provide test cases and test systems. This year, New York University released the topic of the contest - Benchmarking Security Closure of Physics Layouts, which is the first international contest with the topic of chip layout security and attracts universities from America, Europe and Asia to participate in. Among the participating schools, Xidian University and Peking University from the Chinese mainland, the Chinese University of Hong Kong from Hong Kong, National Taiwan University and National Tsing Hua University from Taiwan, University of Texas at Austin from America and Tallinn University of Technology from Europe reached the final.

The champion team is composed of Xidian University and Shenzhen Hongxin Micro Nano Technology Co., Ltd., a leading independent EDA enterprise in China. The team members include Tang Zhengguang, Guo Guangxin and Li Benzheng, who are three graduate students of Xidian - SMIT EDA Institute, and the instructors are Professor You Hailong and Professor Shi Jiangyi of School of Microelectronics and Zhang Xiaojue of Hongxin Micro Nano Technology Co., Ltd. After two months of algorithm design and optimization method development, the team members completely cleared the potential security threats for 12 test layout examples, nearly doubled the comprehensive design performance such as initial design area, power consumption and speed, won the first place in 9 of the 12 test sample points, and finally won the champion of the ISPD 2022 Contest with the first comprehensive score.

It is reported that Xidian - SMIT EDA Institute is a joint research institution in the direction of electronic design automation (EDA) established in March 2019 by Xidian University and Shenzhen SMIT group. Since its establishment, the institute has made many breakthroughs in talent training, scientific research and team building, and the award is due to the long - time accumulation. Since 2019, the student team guided by Xidian - SMIT EDA Institute has been active in several EDA related events at home and abroad, and has won the global runner-up of ISPD Contest, the global runner-up of ICCAD Contest, the Kirin Cup (highest award) of China EDA Elite Challenge and other awards.