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¥1 Xidian Love Meal continues to spread warmth

Time: Mar 20, 2022

With heart and emotion, let every donation turn into great love, both practically and earnestly.

By the end of 2021, influenced by COVID-19, Xidian adopted closed management according to the epidemic prevention and control requirements. The alumni and people from all walks of life were concerned about the school and. donated funds in various ways, as well as epidemic prevention materials and daily necessities.

Alumni Affairs & Foreign Cooperation Office was actively connected with the Education Foundation. Under the extremely difficult conditions of logistics and transportation, they communicated and coordinated with many parties, and quickly completed the filing of donated materials and vehicle access.

How can love donations be properly distributed and each donation be turned into great love practically and earnestly? Relying on the service education carrier - “Food” Bright Kitchen, the school’s Logistics Department integrated the donations received, and provides meat, eggs, spices and accessories free of charge to make a 1 Yuan love set meal for school students, so as to make the warmth flow at the tip of the tongue and the love pass through every student.

At present, the donation activity of Xidian's “1 Yuan love meal” is still ongoing. The Logistics Department has established a special account for each donation, so that a special person can register and earmark fund for special purpose. In addition to love donation, the school also provides special subsidies for love meals to ensure sustainable supply.

After 6 improvements, nearly 30000 warm meal have been delivered

“Thank every staff and warm-hearted people for their efforts,” said Ma Qin, a student of class of 2019 majoring in intelligent science and technology at the School of Artificial Intelligence, “The love meal has been held for four seasons. If the first season was started inspired by the donations of warm-hearted people, the following seasons are showing the relay of love by the school and staff.”

In order to ensure the nutritional balance, Xidian Logistics Catering Service Center regularly develops new dishes, and has successively launched themes such as “1 Yuan love meal warms the heart and stomach”, “new semester Spring noodles”, “I have an appointment with spring(stewed vegetables)” and so on. The love meal menu of each season is different, including set meal with rice, stewed vegetables, rice served with meat and vegetables on top, special pasta, etc., to ensure a rich variety of nutrition.

“1 Yuan love meal in each season is launched after several experiments by the professional chef team of logistics to ensure the quality, nutrition, taste and color of the meal,” said Huang Chenglong, deputy director of Logistics Support Department, “After determining the theme of ‘new semester Spring noodles’, the chef team began the experiment. The formula of meat sauce(saozi) and the gluten of noodles were improved six times successively to achieve the satisfactory results. The whole team ate noodles every day in the experimental stage. It was the insistence that led to the continuation of 1 Yuan love meal.”

In order to do a good job in the supply of love meals, the Party Committee of Logistics Department checks the orientation and clarify the working thoughts and methods. The Logistics Support Department set up a special team, which is implemented by the deputy in charge of catering. At the same time, a special team for food research and development has been set up to solicit students’ opinions in various forms, optimize food supply and fully ensure students’ needs.

At present, 1 Yuan love meal is limited to 500 dishes per working day in the school cafeteria, and 100 thousand dishes are expected to be supplied throughout the year. As of March 17, nearly 30 thousand love meals have been supplied, continuously conveying the warmth and care of the school to students.

Participate in the whole process and cook your own love meal

The procedures, including preparing vegetables, igniting and pouring oil are well orderly. With the chopped onions and ginger powder, the oil smoke rises everywhere in an instant. After the stir frying with ding-dong sound, the steaming delicious food is officially put out of the pot. This is a dish of 1 Yuan love meal made by Cao Yangwen, a student of class of 2020, majoring in integrated circuit design and integrated system in School of Microelectronics, under the guidance of the logistics labor education tutor.

In order to deeply tap the elements of catering service education and enhance the effectiveness of labor education, the Logistics Party Committee / Logistics Support Department has built the 1 Yuan love meal into a “transformer” for the approach of “Education in Five Aspects”. Together with Zhuyuan No. 3 Academy, the Logistics Department has built a labor education brand of “Food” Bright Kitchen, turning the front-line of epidemic prevention and control service guarantee into a labor education classroom, and organizing student volunteers to participate in the production of 1 Yuan love meal. The practice has reduced the pressure of front-line catering staff, enabled students to grow in labor and exercise, and realized the immersive and experiential education effect through the “two-way rush” between students and front-line support personnel.

“After participating in the production process of 1 Yuan love meal, I felt the hardships of logistics staff, and the activity also inspired me to learn the dedication of front-line staff and practice my dedication spirit with practical actions,” said Li Jinbo, a student of class of 2020, majoring in communication engineering in School of Communication Engineering, “For me, this practice has not only improved my cooking skills, but also improved my ability of organization and coordination. At the same time, it also gave me a new understanding of the sentence ‘For a porridge or a meal, we should think that it is hard won; For half a silk or half a thread of clothes, we should always remember that the production of these materials is very difficult.’”.

Xidian Logistics Department takes the opportunity of providing 1 Yuan love meal to continuously improve logistics support level and service capacity, and vigorously promote service education and subsidized education. Before providing love meals, the university has fully investigated the needs of students, and solicited students’ opinions and suggestions. Also, it has further expanded the “communication and interaction” education method and improved the “service experience” education mode by providing targeted services and enhancing supply capacity. In the process of issuing meal vouchers, it implements the concept of subsidizing and educating students, and cooperates with Students Affairs Office, Graduate Students Affairs Office, Information Promotion Office and Information Center to plan to adopt the way of “on-site voucher issuance + advance issuance” or online ordering, so as to implicitly subsidize students with difficulties, so that the assisted students can enjoy the care of the school with dignity.

It is reported that in this semester, logistics catering will continue to run the 1 Yuan love meal through the five dimensions of “food” bright kitchen classroom, labor practice, service education, implicit subsidization and catering culture, build a long-term mechanism of material help, moral infiltration and ability development, and promote the whole process and all-round education of all staff imperceptibly.