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Xidian 1 Successfully  Launched

Time: Feb 28, 2022

On 27th February,Xidian 1 satellite was carried by Long March 8 carrier rocket and successfully launched into orbit at Wenchang Spacecraft Launch Site.

The "XD-1" satellite carries a model-defined payload developed by Xidian University.It adopts an integrated design of computing and communication, which can perform on-orbit real-time processing and intelligent transmission of remote sensing data. The model-defined payload focuses on breakthroughs in key technologies such as functional on-orbit reconstruction, satellite-to-ground remote debugging, and intelligent task scheduling and transmission.It provides an integrated, open and shared satellite science platform of ground model function design, on-orbit test verification, information processing and transmission to scientific research institutes and universities.

The operation of the satellite will help improve the level of agricultural production and management, the development of agricultural science and technology, carry out industrial and technological cooperation with governments and relevant universities, and achieve ecological cooperation with many leading enterprises in the industry.