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A New Year's Letter to All Overseas XDUers from President Zongkai Yang

Time: Jan 1, 2021

My dearest XDUers,


The year 2021 has now come to us. On behalf of Xidian University, I wish you all a happy NEW year!


In the past year, human society has experienced a huge crisis and challenge brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. At the very beginning of the sudden outbreak, you felt hesitant, helpless and depressed, but soon you chose to face it bravely. You devoted yourself to this great battle with a strong sense of mission. You have overcome difficulties and persisted in online learning; you have taken responsibilities and participated in the fight against the pandemic in all fields. A tower is built when soil on earth accumulates, and a river is formed when streams come together. Every contribution you have made will be a powerful force in the battle against the pandemic for all mankind.


The pandemic is not over yet, we have to be separated physically from each other for a temporary time. But all of our faculty and students miss you very much all the time. I hope you have firm confidence, persist in self-protection and maintain physical and mental health. We are always proud of you because you stick to your dreams in the face of adversity.


In the New Year, the dawn is breaking. We hope the pandemic will end as soon as possible. When you come back to the home of Xidian, let us hug each other tightly! May you all be happy and healthy. May love and hope accompany us bravely on the way forward.

Yours sincerely,


Zongkai Yang
President of Xidian University
January 1st, 2021