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Xidian starts the 90th Anniversary Year

Time: Oct 19, 2020

             Meeting about 90 years, we interpret a Xidian dream together. On October 17, Xidian University celebrated its second alumni Day and kicked off its 90th anniversary. At 10 am, the second alumni Day and 90th anniversary kick-off meeting was held at Invengo Gymnasium. Xiaobu Town of Jiangxi province and Guangzhou Institute of Research have set up separate meeting places,and the alumni of the three places are affiliated with Xidian to participate in the grand event.


        Before the start of the event, the sign-in site at Invengo Gymnasium was already crowded.The alumni were busy queuing to take photos and collect souvenirs.

        The event started with the enthusiastic performance “Back to Xidian” in main venue.  Branch venues in Xiaobu Town of Jiangxi Province and Guangzhou Institute of Technology sent greetings. Xiaolong Ren, Vice President of Xidian University, recalled wonderful memories of study life in Xidian with the alumni. Then, leaders of 18 schools gave welcome speeches to alumni at home and abroad, welcoming them to go back to Xidian, promoting the development of it and creating greater glories for the alma mater.
The 90th Anniversary of Xidian University: Global Alumni Relay Starts from  Xiaobu, Jiangxi Province 


        With the lighting of nine chronological columns representing Xidian’s history, the 90th anniversary of Xidian University officially started. The school leaders issued the first announcement logo, theme and website of the 90th anniversary of Xidian to global alumni and all sectors of the society, and introduced the formation process of the theme, logo and website. These brought together the wisdom and sweat of Xidian teachers and students, alumni and people from all walks of life who were concerned about the development of Xidian, and brought together the best wishes of all these people to it. School leaders expressed the gratitude to people who had worked hard, and hoped them continue to care and support Xidian, and jointly make the 90th anniversary celebration a grand gathering of all Xidianer to forge ahead in unity.


        Recalling the extraordinary years in the past, looking forward and moving forward in the future, the motto of "Social Commitment, Seeking Truth, Hardworking, and Practicing Earnestly" and the spirit of "Unity, Diligence, Truth-seeking, and Innovation" have always been the spiritual bond between alumni and alma mater. Alumni are inheritors and spreaders of the school’s spirit, and they are also excellent representatives of alma mater. The second alumni day and the 90th Anniversary celebration were held to build an interactive platform for alumni and Xidian, and to help Xidian and alumni carry forward the tradition and forge ahead into the future at a new historical starting point, and to welcome a better future.