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Xidian Mails over 600 “Surprises” to Students

Time: May 18, 2020

COVID-19 epidemic left students caught up home in need of clothing, books, and even laptops as they stored these back in dormitory before winter vacation. 8 teachers from School of Microelectronics packed students’ desired staff and mailed over 600 packages to their students, including textbooks, laptops, clothing, garnering applause from students and parents.

“We put students at the core. By taking active efforts to know their needs at home, we contacted our university press to mail textbooks for over 500 students.” said Lei Yu, a deputy director in charge of student affairs. Over the last two months, student counsellors had mailed more than 600 free packages.

“When collecting students’ needs, we were left a deep impression by some special cases. One of our students with hearing impairment in both ears found it difficult to recognize voice from loudspeaker, who usually sit in the first row in the class to read teachers’ lips. It was more difficult to take online classes. The other student lived in a three-students family in the countryside with only one laptop available. They could not take online class at the same time,” said Lirui Sun, a student counselor at School of Microelectronics. “Then we purchased a simultaneous interpretation equipment for the first student and mailed an office computer to the second to help them finish online courses.”

Students and parents highly applauded these actions, and they had drawn attention and coverage from the press, including Shaanxi Radio Television, Shaanxi Urban Express.