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Head of Department for Research of Ministry of Culture and Science NRW, Germany Visits Xidian University

Time: Jun 27, 2019


On June 19, 2019, a delegation led by Dr. Beate Wieland, Head of Department for Research of Ministry of Culture and Science NRW and Prof. Birgitt Riegraf, President of University of Paderborn (UP) paid a visit to Xidian University (XDU). President Zongkai Yang met the delegation and Vice President Xinbo Gao attended the meeting.




President Zongkai Yang expressed his welcome to the delegation and gave an introduction to Xidian University. He said that Paderborn city and UP are important partners of XDU. He hoped XDU could take this visit as an opportunity to develop more partners in NRW.


Dr. Beate Wieland thanked President Yang for his hospitality. She mentioned that Germany and NRW always attach importance to cooperation with China. As she knew, cooperation between XDU and UP had good foundations and development, hoping more higher institutions in NRW could be part of the cooperation and achieved fruitful results in faculty and student exchanges and research.


North Rhine-Westphalia, shorted as NRW, is located in western Germany. It was formed by the merger of Westphalia and North Rhine in 1946. It is the most developed regionand the most populous state in Germany. Our partner university UP  is located inNRW.