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Global Competence Forum for Young Elites 2019 Held in Xidian University

Time: Jul 14, 2019

From July 5th to July 7th, the Global Competence Forum for Young Elites, 2019 was held in Xidian University (XDU). Famous scholars and 350 young elites from over 30 universities in 15 countries gathered together in XDU and shared their thoughts on youth’s global competence. 主图.jpg

On July 6th, the forum was unveiled. Zongkai Yang, President of XDU attended the forum and delivered an opening speech, in which he explained XDU’s multiple methods to cooperate with the world in terms of education, and promote internationalization in recent years. Last year, XDU launched the Five Year Plan of Global Initiatives (2018-2022) which includes 30 programs  aiming to actively bring in international resources, improve talent education mode, and adjust disciplinary construction direction. It also stimulates XDU to expand international cooperation and exchanges, enhance international influence and communication, thus achieving the two-way exchange of talents. With a theme of A Global View, A Shared Future, the forum serves as a platform for young elites to discover global perspectives, cultivate international vision and improve global competence. Therefore, they can realize personal values as well as make contribution to building a shared future for mankind.


Prof. Deren Li, member of both Chinese Academy of Engineering and Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), Dr. Bo Peng, Director of the CAS key laboratory of FAST, and Prof. Karen M. von Deneen delivered their keynote speeches.


In his report, Prof. Li proposed the method of integrating Artificial Intelligence and Spatial Big Data and employing them in Geospatial Informatics to promote the cognitive ability of Geospatial Information Processing in the Big Data era. In the data-driven age of Artificial Intelligence, a general understanding of related science and technology is an integral part of global competence, he said.


Dr. Bo Peng introduced the basic knowledge of FAST, the world’s largest filled-aperture radio telescope, including its proposal, testing and establishment. He described the behind-the-scene stories of the 25 years of tackling difficulties in FAST construction. In his eyes, it is the fundamental requirement of global competence to be persevere in seeking the truth and pursuing dreams.

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Prof. Karen explained the definition of global citizenship and the 10 steps to become a global citizen with her real-life experiences. Equipping oneself with a global vision and a dedication spirit is key to global competence, she said.


Ashley Zhou from the University of Notre Dame, Ryan Zhang from Purdue University, Ukrainian student Oleksandr Shevchuk from Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Kazakhstan student Alseitov Bauyrzhan from Wuhan University, and Klaus Xiong from St. Cloud State University, delivered keynote speeches as youth representatives. They shared their understanding of global youths quality standards by relating to their experiences of studying and working overseas as cross-cultural practitioners.











In the afternoon, students exchanged their views in four panels with the topic of responsibility and mission, education comparison between China and foreign countries, upgrading youth’s ability, and career development respectively. These panels guaranteed them a chance to reach a higher plain of achievement through sharing of thoughts.


In the closing ceremony, the guests summarized the ideas proposed in four panels. Xinbo Gao,Vice President of XDU gave a summary of the forum, in which he expressed his hope for young students to take part in global communication, expand global vision, and improve cross-cultural communication skills, thus further enhancing their global capacity in the new era.


The Declaration of Global Competence 2019 was issued as a fruit of the forum in the closing ceremony. This is a message sent to the world by youth talents.


One student from XDU at the forum said in an interview that it broadened his horizon and deepened his understanding of global education by providing opportunities to communicate with students across the world. He will participate in more activities like this one, and constantly improve his competence with confidence.


The Global Competence Forum for Young Elites, 2019 is a part of XDU’s International Weeks 2019. This activity is designed to promote students’ practical abilities, deepen innovation and entrepreneurship education, expand students’ global vision, and help enhance their global competence.


(Photographer: Xi Zhang from XDU )


The Original Report of Chinese Version is from China Scholars Abroad