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The 4th Huashan Young Scholars International Forum in Xidian

Time: Oct 21, 2019

     On September 6th 9:00, Silk Road Young Scholars Forum - The 4th Huashan Young Scholars International Forum opening ceremony was held in the lecture hall in Xidian University. Young talents from all corners of the country and the teachers from the “Huashan Scholars” talent program gathered together to experience the centripetal spirit of the university, the creativity of innovation and the propulsion of first-class construction.

    At the opening ceremony, Xi Xianqi, secretary of the Party Committee of Xidian University, and Wang Bingqi, deputy director of the Organization Department of Shaanxi Provincial Committee, delivered speeches; Attendance included Wang Quan, assistant to the president of Xidian, introduced Xidian to audience. Zhang Xinrui, deputy director of the Talent Work Department of the Organization Department of Shaanxi Provincial Committee, Yang Yintang, deputy secretary of the Xidian Party Committee, Vice President Jiang Yihao, and, Ren Yingkun, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission, Vice President Gao Xinbo, Assistant President Shi Feng.


    Cha Xianyou expressed his welcome to the young talents who came from afar expressed gratitude to the Huashan scholars who contributed to the construction of the school and thanked Shaanxi Province for its long-term support to the university. He pointed out that the Huashan Scholars Forum has been a bridge and mechanism for communication between schools and outstanding young talents, and it promoted new breakthroughs in school talent work.


    Cha Xianyou briefed the participants on the history and current status of Xidian. He said that in the course of running the school in the past 88 years, the school has always adhered to serving the needs of the country and people, forming a distinct disciplinary advantage and outstanding national defense characteristics of Xidian, and formed the "Western Electric phenomenon" of talent cultivation. In recent years, we has continuously achieved new achievements, and has made major breakthroughs in discipline construction, college development, scientific research projects, and major projects involved in research.


    He pointed out that under the continuous promotion of the strategy of “strong schools for talents”, the school will focus on the core tasks of “leading talents and educating talents” and introduced a series of related new policies and systems to ensure the growth of talents. He said that the school will inherit the distinctive revolutionary gene and carry forward the fine tradition of science and technology to the country, and continue to play an important role in China's informationization, national defense modernization and social and economic development, and expect more young talents to join the first-class construction journey.


    Wang Bingqi expressed warm congratulations on the hosting of the forum and extended a warm welcome to the young scholars who came to the forum. He introduced the development conditions of Shaanxi's “better in nature” from five aspects: historical accumulation, location advantage, science and education advantage, industrial system and livable ecology. He also said that Shaanxi will provide the broadest career platform and the most favorable support for all talents. Policies, the best guarantee of qualified service, create an innovative environment of "the world's talents gather three Qin, million types of frost and freedom of competition", and maximize the talents of all aspects to gather in Shaanxi to catch up with the cause of surpassing.


    He pointed out that Xidian is a national key university with a focus on information and electronics, who has deeply integrated the country's major development strategies and layouts, devoted research, and made an important contribution to accelerating the development of China's electronic information industry with wisdom and painstaking efforts, and has driven the transformation of the results of knowledge production and technological innovation with the radiation effect, and the economic and social development in Shaanxi. It has played an important role in the development of the western region and the construction of the “Belt and Road”.

    Wang Quan introduced the situation of the school from three aspects: school profile, resource platform and talented school. He pointed out that Xidian-tiers are advancing with the first-class universities with confidence and taking the initiative to innovate in the journey of the great era.


   At the opening ceremony, Academician Bao Yan, Professor Guo Lixin, Professor Gong Xiaowu, Professor Peng Peng and foreign teacher Karen gave reports to the conference.


   It is reported that the Huashan Young Scholars Forum aims to bring together outstanding young scholars, at home and abroad, conduct academic exchanges in frontier science and technology and hot research fields, promote the integration of school disciplines, and build a platform for young scholars at home and abroad to fully understand the development strategies and talent policies of Shaanxi and Xidian. At the same time, it will further promote international academic exchange activities among scholars, and make greater contributions to serving the country's social and economic development and achieving Shaanxi's goal of catching up with and surpassing. The forum invited 120 outstanding young scholars from the United States, Britain, Singapore, Germany, France, Denmark, Sweden and other countries.


    The heads of the various departments, the secretary of Xidian, the deans, and the heads of various functional departments attended the opening ceremony.