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The 2nd National Middle School Student Cyber ​​Security ​Competition Finals Opened at Xidian

Time: Oct 21, 2019

On the morning of September 21, as one of the 6th National Cyber Security Publicity Week in Shaanxi Province in 2019, the 2nd National Middle School Student Cyber Security Competition and the “Net An Chuxin” Summer Camp opened with the theme of “Initial Ability to Discover and Grow” The ceremony was held at the Yuanwang Valley Gymnasium at the South Campus of Xidian University. Professor Li Hui, Executive Dean of Xidian Network and Information Security College, attended the conference and delivered a speech. More than 300 teachers and students from participating students and instructors, network and information security college teachers and student representatives attended the opening ceremony. The opening ceremony was hosted by Zhang Meiru, secretary of the Party Committee of Xidian Network and Information Security College.


The competition was guided by the Ministry of Education's Network Space Security Professional Teaching Committee, co-sponsored by Shaanxi Internet Information Office and Xidian University, and co-organized by Hangzhou Cheng Information Technology Co., Ltd.

Li Hui briefly introduced the history of Xidian, the results of talent training and innovative measures. He pointed out that Xidian took the lead in researching confidential communications in the country, and trained a large number of passwords and security talents for important departments, enterprises, research institutes and universities of the national party, government, and military. It has a glorious revolutionary history and this year, the establishment of the cyberspace security department, and then the construction of the first-class network security college. The mid-term inspection of demonstration projects continues to be among the best. The school has been working hard to explore new mechanisms, new systems, new models and new ways to build cyberspace security talents.

Li Hui said that to gather talents in the world, to recruit, reserve, and train special talents in the field of online information, to explore and cultivate talented young people in the network, this is not only an urgent need to fully implement the strategy of strengthening the network and building a network power. It is also an important content and key measure for the construction of demonstration universities in colleges and universities, especially the first-class network security colleges, to implement the fundamental tasks of Lideshu people. He emphasized that the success of the first national middle school student cybersecurity competition in 2018 has been unanimously recognized and widely praised by all walks of life. In 2019, based on the first competition, focus on the four basic ideas of greater participation, stronger social impact, tighter cooperation, and higher-quality effects, and focus on promoting the “three major cores of “big competition, big mechanism, big platform”. "Content", further efforts to improve the effectiveness of the competition to promote construction, to promote the game, to promote the game, to combine sports and education, and to achieve common development. He hopes that young students will always strengthen their dream and convictions, temper their noble characters, and develop their abilities. The younger generation will be brave enough to realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and contribute to the national cybersecurity cause.

Subsequently, Xi'an Tieyizhong Dong Yujun as a student representative took the stage to take part in the oath of the team members, will not forget the heart, the mission, and the spirit of fair competition.


It is reported that the 2nd National Middle School Student Cyber Security Competition Finals and Summer Camp will be held in Xidian from September 20th to September 22nd. Since July, after three months of online preliminaries and local high school recommendations, 144 middle school students from 74 middle schools in 23 provinces and autonomous regions, after fierce competition, 40 outstanding students entered the finals of this line...


The 40 contestants from the competition finals were from Xi'an Tieyizhong, Xi'an Tieyi Zhongbinhe School, Xi'an No. 83 Middle School and other provincial schools, as well as Sichuan Mianyang Nanshan Middle School, Liaoning Experimental Middle School, and Karamay High School. Other high schools and five junior high school students, including Dajing Middle School affiliated to Shanghai International Studies University, are composed of 35 high school students and 5 junior high school students. The youngest is only 13 years old and the oldest is 19 years old. All grades covering the first to the third year are in school. middle school student. Final topics include Web network attack and defense, RE reverse engineering, Pwn binary exploit, and ACM programming. The participating teams will solve the network security technical challenges by interacting with the online environment or offline analysis of documents, obtain corresponding scores, and rank and award according to the total score and time. After the exciting competition of the final 9 hours today, one of the first prizes (10,000 yuan) will be decided from the players, 5-second prizes (8,000 yuan per person) and 10 third prizes (per bonus each) 5,000 yuan).

It is understood that the national middle school cybersecurity competition is aimed at ordinary junior high school and high school students in the country, divided into two stages: online competition and offline finals. During the finals and summer camps, the youth network security personnel training forum, network security lecture hall (teacher training), offensive and defensive experience, competition and other special events will provide a network security feast for the teachers and students participating in the event.

Through this method, the middle-school students will conduct a comprehensive and multi-angle inspection. It is hoped that through the channels of collaboration between universities, industry and middle schools, social needs, higher education, and secondary education will be promoted to promote the development of network security personnel. Secondary schools, enterprises, and governments jointly found that selecting and cultivating talents, promoting cooperation and exchange, and building effective ways and collaborative education mechanisms to promote the promotion and popularization of cybersecurity knowledge and skills education for middle school students across the country and implement the strategy of strengthening the country with practical actions.