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Declaration of Global Competence 2019
Jul 11, 2019

We, the young people from all over the world, are gathering at Xidian University, China today to fully discuss global competency and release the following declaration to young people all around the world:
1. Youth is the leader of the future. Our mission is to build a better future and contribute to human well-being.
2. Young people are the forerunners of responsibility. Our responsibility is to face up to the global challenges, to promote human peace and prosperity and to seek global development with our collaborative and dauntless efforts.
3. We embrace global diversity, advocate mutual respect and understanding among different civilizations and cultures, and support the promotion of global competence through more open, cross-cultural and interdisciplinary education.
4. In the context of global issues such as the environment, resources, security, poverty, health, and others, young people need to act quickly and motivate themselves with a global perspective to learn and improve their ability to solve global affairs.
5. We encourage and appreciate young people to closely link their career development with global destiny and make positive contributions to the realization of personal values and the building of a community with a shared future for mankind.

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