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3 Teams from Xidian University Selected as 2019 “Shaanxi Key Technology Innovation Teams ”
May 20, 2019

    Recently, Shaanxi Province revealed the team projects listed as 2019 Shaanxi Key Technology Innovation Teams. At the end of the selection process, 3 teams in Xidian University made the lists. These teams are namely “Remote Sensing Imaging New-tech Innovation Team” led by Professor Xing Mengdao from the School of Electric Engineering, “Safety-concerned Intelligent Software Innovation Team” led by Professor Tian Cong from the School of Computer Science and Technology, and “Wide-bandgap Semiconductor Microwave Power Devices and circuits Innovation Team” led by Professor Ma Xiaohua from the School of Microelectronics.
    In order to educate talented individuals to build a prosperous, harmonious and beautiful Shaanxi Province, the government launched the Shaanxi Key Technology Innovation Teams project, which aims to solve important problems regarding Shaanxi’s socio-economic development. The heart of the project are leading talents in science and technology or high-level technical experts. The teams’ research is based on teamwork and carried out on high-level innovative platforms. It provides an opportunity to pool ideas and in turn promote Shaanxi’s innovation abilities and core competitiveness.

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