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Governor Mykola Klochko Visits Xidian University
May 13, 2019

On May 13, 2019, Governor of Sumy Regional State Administration, Ukraine, Dr. Mykola Klochko led a delegation visited Xidian University. Chair of Xidian University Council, Dr. Xianyou Zha, met the delegation and Vice President and Professor Xinbo Gao attended the meeting.


Gift Exchange between Dr. Xianyou Zha(right) and Dr. Mykola Klochko(left)


Dr. Xianyou Zha expressed his welcome to the delegation and gave an introduction to Xidian University. He said that Xidian University has attached great importance to internationalization in recent years and universities and research institutes along the belt and road countries are important partners of Xidian University. He hoped both parties could take Dr. Mykola Klochko and the delegation’s visit as a good opportunity to strengthen mutual understanding between Xidian University and Ukrainian universities and research institutes, establish a good platform and carry on collaborations.


Governor Mykola Klochko introduced Sumy to participants from Xidian University. He mentioned that China is a very significant partner of Ukraine and universities in Sumy have had good cooperation foundations with Chinese universities and research institutes. He himself also has been devoted to promoting Ukraine-China cooperation, hoping that universities in Sumy could build relationship with Xidian University.


The delegation and representatives from different schools of Xidian University had a further discussion on research collaboration and student exchange. Both expressed willingness of launching out cooperatives projects in the near future.


Group Photo


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