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University-Enterprise Joint Image Quality Improvement AI laboratory Established
May 6, 2019

    On April 4th, Xidian University Institute of Image Transmission and Processing (XUIIT) with Chengxiang Science and Technology Corporation Beijing (CSTCB) jointly held a Strategic Cooperation Signing Ceremony and unveiled the “Image Quality Improvement AI Joint Lab”. Professor Li Yunsong and the President of the Image Technology Gold Awards signed the contract.

    The cooperation will deepen the development of artificial intelligence image processing technology in the field of application software. The two parties are working together on image super-resolution processing, image quality enhancement algorithm research, image enhancement application methods, and image processing technology in the areas of smart security, smart communities, smart transportation and other integrated-solutions research and projects.

    The purpose of the establishment of the laboratory is to promote basic theoretical research work in the field of artificial intelligence image processing in China, and exchange of talents in related technical fields. Most importantly, it aims to vigorously convert advanced research results into application, innovation and industrialization.

     The first project will focus on the development and application in smart security, camera image super-resolution, video image denoising/defogging, video contrast enhancement, and damage repair algorithm integration.

    The software will be suitable for both intelligent and non-intelligent cameras, using artificial-intelligence image processing technology to greatly enhance the quality of photography. The software is widely used in smart camera image recognition, marine ship detection, vehicle identification, image encryption and other aspects. For many users with camera upgrade requirements, high-definition camera effects can be achieved with much lower costs than that of replacing hardware devices.

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