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Sports Education Creating New Glory---Xidian Cheerleading Team became a National Training Team
Apr 7, 2019

On March 31, the National Sports General Administration Gymnastics Management Center and the National Cheerleading Committee held the 2nd Chinese Cheerleading Festival in Jurong City, Jiangsu Province. 


Xidian Cheerleading Team, invited as a guest, attended the conference and accepted accepted the conferment of flag to become one of only two all-China cheerleading training teams, and the only all-China cheerleading dance training team.


This can be regarded as official acceptance of Xidian sports teams into the ranks of the national teams. From now on, the university will accept its mission to train athletes for national teams to take part in international competitions.


Since its founding, the high-level cheerleading team of Xidian University has had sporting and personal development as its aim, and has constantly honed its competitiveness in the name of winning honours for our university.


Since 2016, the PGF cheerleading team has won many honors for the school under the guidance of the coach Guo Qingqing. In 2018, the team, representing China, won 9 national championships including that of the Melbourne World All-Star Cheerleading Championships in Australia in September, and also won the first place in the self-selected flower ball move in the college group, which became a glowing advertisement for Xidian University.


It is reported that the cheerleading project has been included in the Olympic Games by the International Olympic Committee in 2016, and is also planned to be included in the 14th National Games in Shaanxi in 2021.






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