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The "2018 Innovative ICT" International Summer School Opens!
Jul 27, 2018

On July 23rd, the opening ceremony of the "2018 Innovative ICT" International summer school was held in the Lecture Hall on the fourth floor of the library in the South Campus. The vice President of Xidian University Gao Xinbo attended the opening ceremony; the academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering Duan Baoyan delivered the first report on the cutting edge of science and technology for the students. The leading officials of the functional departments including the Office of International Cooperation & Exchange, the Office for affairs of Hong Kong, Macao & Taiwan, the School of International Education, the School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, the Office of Party and Administration, the Publicity Department, the Undergraduate School, the Library, the Logistics Service Group, etc., as well as 126 students from 25 universities in 16 countries participated in the event.

Gao Xinbo delivered the welcome speech at the opening ceremony. He extended a warm welcome to students from all over the world. He noted that the ICT international summer school was aimed at establishing a communication platform for young students in the ICT field, which can enable students to communicate with renowned experts and scholars face to face, and engage in close contact with young pioneers of innovation and entrepreneurship and ICT business executives, thereby enhancing the understanding of the frontiers of ICT technology and the development trend of the industry, perceiving the dynamics and insights of the information and communication technology development, inspiring innovative thinking and courage, and at the same time, enjoying the glamour of Chinese culture and the vitality of innovation in the ancient city of Xian, the starting point of the Silk Road. He expressed the hope that students should enthusiastically engage in the communication in such innovative and lively atmosphere, and forge lifelong friendship with their fellow friends.

Subsequently, the representatives of overseas students, international students from Xidian University and the student volunteers made speeches on the stage respectively. Mazardin Gregoire from EFERI, France extended the gratitude to Xidian University for its extraordinary arrangements, expressed heartfelt thanks to the faculty and volunteers for their warm and thoughtful service, and also placed keen anticipation on the activities of the summer school. Kanu ALPHA Komrabai, the representative of international students from Xidian University, extended a warm welcome in fluent Chinese to all the students coming to the summer school. The student volunteer representative Fu Nan from the School of Computer Science and Technology said that through this international summer school, she profoundly realized the elevation of the International Influence of her Alma Mater, and expressed her hope for inquiring knowledge, communicating and building friendship with friends coming from afar.

At last, Gao Xinbo presented the student representative with the flag, which marked the official opening of the "2018 Innovative ICT" International summer school.

After the opening ceremony, the academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering Duan Baoyan delivered the first report on the cutting edge of ICT technology for the students ---The Currrent Situation and Development of Large-scale Spaceborne Deployable Antenna Technology. Starting from the science popularization of the astronomical orbit, the academician  Duan introduced the type characteristics, current development, key technology and design platform of the satellite antenna, and gave students a vivid and lucid explanation on the complex technologies of reflector antennas, array antennas, microelectronic mechanical antennas. Soon afterwards, the academician Duan speculated the development trend of the next generation of antenna with students. The cutting-edge technology and creative design ideas of frame-type antenna, new inflatable antenna, new conception antenna and space assembled antenna, etc. attracted all the students present. Chinese and overseas students communicated with the masters actively and enthusiastically. 16 different on-site questions from students pushed the first report to a new high, highlighting the students’ learning enthusiasm and innovative vitality. The students said that the masters’ charisma and academic impact were utterly convincing and overwhelming, and they all benefited a lot.

In the afternoon, the students of the international summer school visited the University History Museum and the Museum of Xidian University, which enhanced their understanding of the characteristics, history and culture of Xidian University.



It is reported that the international summer school was hosted by the Office of International Cooperation & Exchange, the Office for affairs of Hong Kong, Macao & Taiwan, the School of International Education, and the School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship. The 10-day summer school was attended by 54 students from overseas and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, 7 international students from Xidian University and 65 students from the School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship. The summer school invited 5 well-known experts both at home and aboard to make special reports for the students, including the academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering Duan Baoyan, the president of the Academy of Science of the Royal Society of Canada, Prof. M. Jamel Deen, etc. There will be a variety of activities going on in succession, such as radio direction finding, practice for electrical installations, cultural experience of Shaanxi Opera, a culture tour in Xi’an, a visit to the Innovation and Entrepreneurial Achievement Exhibition Hall of the Administrative Committee of Xi'an Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone, a visit to well-known innovative and entrepreneurial enterprises, etc. Please stay tuned for updates!


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