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Lenovo Holdings Chairman Liu Returned to Alma Mater to Made a Report and Visit His Mentor
Jun 8, 2018

On the afternoon of May 28, the activity center for university student of north campus of XidianUniversity, which can accommodate 1,200 people, was packed, and the aisles on both sides were full of people. At 15:30, under the guidance of Vice President Shi Guangming,Liu Chuanzhi,the chairman of Lenovo Holdings, the founder of Lenovo Group, an alumnus of the Xidian University, took to the podium.With the title of "Rush-Day People-My Experience", Liu Chuanzhi make a keynote report more than 120 minutes for the students, teachers, representatives of the media, and other members of the community. The reportwas presided over by Wang Quan, assistant president.


Photographer: Liu Xiyu, Li Hang


AlumnusLiu Chuanzhi, chairman of Lenovo holdings, is making the report



Vice presidentShi Guangming is making a welcoming speech


Assistant presidentWang Quan presides over the report

It is nine months since he last returned to his Alma mater. On August 20, 2017, after the West Business Congress trip, Liu Chuanzhi returned to his Alma mater, and was appointed asthe honorary dean of the school of innovation and entrepreneurship of Xidian University.This return, Mr Liu participated in the Xidian University’s alumni representative assembly, the founding congress of the Council and "Dream back to Chang ' an--million alumni return" Xidian special event.

Before the report, vice presidentShi Guangming made a welcoming speech. He pointed out that Liu Chuanzhi founded Lenovo, which unfold the history of China's high-tech enterprises and was full of positive energy. He is an idol of entrepreneurship and a model brother. His story ,which was inspired by the situation and moved with the trend,is a legend and result of focusing on opportunity and innovation. Distinguished alumni, he insisted, are the best names card for school. Over the years, XidianUniversityhas cultivated a large number of outstanding alumni, such as Mr Liu, and formed a talents cultivation "phenomenon of the Xidian", which is proud by every students. These alumni become the best name cards for higher education institutions. At the moment of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation,in the transition period of the industrial age to information age, he hope that students can be a striver, a doer of deeds, be ready for a outstanding "Xidian card".

Applause rose and fell

“President, teachers, boys and girls! Affectionate words narrows the distance between up and down of the stage. Liu Chuanzhi said, "I am glad to be able to communicate with students when I return to school. Attended the activities in the city yesterday, I was very happy to see that government attached great importance to our university and see the revitalization of Xidian. Thanks to the leadership of the school  and the work of previous students, I hope the school can continue to work hard to win glory for the country and cultivate more talents.

Liu further explained the theme of the report, "I think people can be basically divided into two categories: those who live on and those who run for their time. " It is human nature to want to live a comfortable and quiet life. But people who are running for their lives are the main force of social development and progress, they dare to resist the setbacks on the road , and to take risks. ”

According to Liu Chuanzhi, people who are running towards life must have three qualities: First, they must have non-stop pursuit; Second, they have to withstand setbacks, be firm and indomitable; Third, they must have must have the strong learning ability.  He took the development path of Lenovo as an example, and divided it into four stages,which is"Makingourselves computer brand","Striving for the first position in the Chinese market","Becoming the leader of global PC market", "Moving to a new vision",to tell his own entrepreneurial story and the pursuit of life. Taking examples of LenovoGroup’s internationalization and another case, he told us how to solve the problem with the principle of"Build team, set strategy, lead the team" ,facing the global financial crisis and the cultural conflict of management in the critical period of career development, and then explain the element of success is to withstand setbacks, be firm and indomitable. Setting "purposeful", "Turn Big Bend", "double check" as key words, he illustrated the way of success is to thinking, to be good at thinking, to constantly improve themselves, to adapt to the trend and environment, to establish the environment, by improving the ability to make smart into wisdom.

“This report y not only have certain reference significance for every ' running day ' person, but also has a special value for those who want to start a business or are likely to have a management job in the future.”said Fu Boxun, a graduate student from the School of Electrical Engineering.


Answering questions push the report to a new climax

"Are six questions enough? When the on-site questioning session continuing, vice presidentShi Guangming asked Liu Chuanzhi if he could finally answer a few more questions, liu said generously.

Whether it is the judgment of block chain trend , venture investment preference, or risk control of entrepreneurship; whether it is the alumni who have already graduated, or the students who are trying to start a business, Liu, the old fellow, answered questions patiently one after another, do his best to help younger fellows to solve their confusion. He unreservedly shared hisbusiness experience and thought with fellow students, and won much applause.

"Doing the right thing is far more important than trying to do it right," he said, "whether a company can get success or not, entrepreneurs, just as the people who string pearls together, account for 51 percent. If you want to invest in a business, you should first see if the leader is competentif not, even with the best products, this company will be out of the market. At the end of the report, Liu Chuanzhi said affectionately, "we are in a wonderful era, in a period which never seen in Chinese history before. Beautiful rivers and mountains, blue sky and white clouds, I wish my Alma mater and students can make greater contributions to the motherland.

“As a college student, it is a great honor to be here to hear such a wonderful lecture. Mr.Liu told us many interesting things about his entrepreneurial experience. This report not only broadened my horizon,  renewedmy understanding aboutMr.Liu, but also triggered my thinking on myself. As a student of the first chuanzhi class of thefinnovation and entrepreneurship school of Xidian University, I followed the thought of liu xuechang and look from the past, found that there is still much room for improvement in some aspects. At the same time, I am honored to study in the school of innovation and entrepreneurship of xidian university, which will lay a good foundation for my future. The report meeting also encourage me to be a man running towards the future under the guidance of such an excellent predecessor as Mr.Liu! ”Fu Jiaxuan said, chairman of the association of science and technology of universit.

Attendents are:Part of the functional departments and colleges, representatives of xd's alumni from all over the country, the first college students innovative undertaking and part of the teachers, undergraduate and graduate students, and Mr Liu's classmates.


Students who are actively speaking at the scene


Liu Chuanzhi and the students

Tight schedule, but he still not forget to visit his Mentor

As soon as the report was over, Liu went to the condo, accompanied by assistant president Shi Gongming, to visit his mentor Zhao Ding.

Upon entering the house, Liu Chuanzhi presented the flowers to Mr.Zhao respectfully. Sitting next to MrZhao, Liu Chuanzhi extneded his greetings to metor."Recently, one ear can not hear clearly, others are all fine" said Zhao. He, a teacher in his 90s, with a smile on his face,answered every "question" patiently.

Liu Chuanzhi had not forgotten teacher’s wife, exhorting they to take more care of their health. "When the mayor Shangguan Jiqing talked about Baoji city with me yesterday, I reminded the story between you and me. I will never forget your care and help . The joy of the reunion soon melted into laugh.


At Zhao Ding's house.


Photo of Liu Chuanzhi and his mentor

Personal Profile:

Liu,founder and chairman of Lenovo Holdings Inc.. Born in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Province in 1944. He graduated from the Xi’an Military Telecommunications Engineering Institute (the predecessor of Xidian University) in November 1967. He served as the representative of the 16th and 17th CPC national congress, the representative of the 9th, 10th and 11th national people's congresses, the vice-president of the 8th and 9th national federation of industry and commerce. In addition, he also served as a honorary mentor of EMBA at Guanghua School of Management of Beijing University , and the first Chinese guest tutor at the China Europe International Business School and other positions.

In 1984, Mr. Liu and other 11 researchers from theInstitute of Computing Technology Chinese Academy of Sciences hadsuccessively created many leading enterprises at a small bungalow less than 20 square meters , such as: Lenovo, Digital China, LegendCapital, Hony Capital. He is ambitious, and constantly create a new cause of Lenovo. He has made outstanding contributions to theconstruction of company's mechanism system, strategy formulation, business development, management and culture, talent training, etc., andmake Lenovo to achieve a series of achievements, to laid a solid foundation for the long-term development of the company.

Mr. Liu has won various honors at home and abroad, mainly including: the first prize of the 2nd "National Science and Technology entrepreneur" Gold Award ( 1990) , "National Model Workers" (1995), "Asia's Best Business Leaders" in "Fortune" (2000), "China Economic Person of the Year" in 2000, "Asia Star" in Businessweek  (2000), one of " 25 most influential business leaders in the world" in Time ( 2001),  "person with outstanding contribution of U.S.-China Relations"by U.S.-China Relations National Committee (NCUSCR) (2005), one of the FT " 50 people who changed the world in the decade of the New Century "(2009), CCTV" China Economic Decade Business Leaders "(2009), the ACFTU "the most influential model Worker since the founding of China "(2009), " World Entrepreneur "award on " World Entrepreneur Forum " (2010), Lifetime Achievement Award of "CCTV China Economic figures of the Year "(2011), one of China's most influential 50 business leaders " in Fortune (Chinese version)(2012), one of "China's top ten most influential business people " selected by  Fortune and CNN,(2012), “Distinguished Executive Award”by IACMR (2012), one of "the most influential 50 business thinkers in the World" (2013), one of China's most powerful entrepreneurs in the 15th China Entrepreneur Forum(2015), honorary doctorate of HKUST Business School (2016), "Lifetime Achievement Award”of 15th Asia Business leaders of CNBC (2016),  "Italian star" medal by Italian government (2017) and so on.




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