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With a Cooperative Relationship Established, Xidian University and Syracuse University Create a Joint Center for Information Fusion
Jun 8, 2018

On May 25th, a delegation Syracuse University, led by its president, Professor Kent Syverud, visited Xidian University. Xidian president, Yang Zongkai met with them in the third meeting room on the north campus and they signed a cooperative agreement. This delegation included Zhanjiang (John) Liu, the vice president for Research and Development, Peter A Vanable, the subdean for graduate student affairs and the dean of Graduate School, Pramod Varshney, the director of the Center of Advanced System and Engineering, and Ruth Chen, a professor in School of Engineering and Computer Science. The vice president of Xidian University, Li Jiandong, attended the meeting and the forum. There were also other major related departments participating in this meeting, including the Division for International Cooperation and Exchanges, Graduate School, School of Electronic Engineering and the National Key Laboratory for Radar Signal Processing.

President Yang Zongkai firstly expressed a warm welcome to the Syracuse University delegation. Although it was the first time, he said, that President Kent Syverud had come to Xidian University, the two universities had established a good beginning for our cooperation. With a full communication and a good mutual understanding, Xidian-Syracuse University Joint Center for Information Fusion had been built supported by the Innovation and Intelligence Base of Radar Cognition, Detection and Imaging Recognition(111 Base). President Yang hoped that this joint center could take full advantage of high-quality resources of us two universities to make great achievements in scientific research cooperation and personnel training. Meanwhile, wider cooperation between Xidian University and Syracuse University in more fields were expected.

Prof. Kent Syverud expressed sincere gratitude for the hospitality of Xidian University. He said, he was deeply impressed by the rich historical and cultural heritage in Xi’an and the outstanding achievements of Xidian. Then he introduced the Syracuse University to all representatives at the meeting. Besides, he also hoped that this visit and the establishment of the joint center would serve as an opportunity to develop more forms of cooperation in engineering with Xidian and any forms of cooperation in accordance with mutual benefits would be taken into consideration.

Later, two parties’ representatives negotiated on specific cooperation projects. They reached an agreement that they should cooperate from these projects easiest to start and to achieve results. They should give priority to training the doctoral students of the Joint Center for Information Fusion and gradually establish more PhD programs. In addition, they also exchanged ideas on the possibility of cooperation in long- and short-term exchanges of teachers and students, visits of experts and the establishment of Sino-Foreign Cooperative Education Institutions for 3+2 education pattern.

In the meeting, President Yang and President Kent Syverud, on behalf of the two universities, signed the Xidian-Syracuse Cooperation Framework Agreement, which symbolized the start of their partnership. Under the witness of the presidents and vice presidents of the two universities, Prof. Liu Hongwei, the director of National Key Laboratory of Radar Signal Processing, and Prof. Pramod Varshney, the director of the Center of Advanced System and Engineering, jointly signed the cooperation agreement of Xidian-Syracuse Joint Center for Information Fusion. With the inauguration of joint center finished by President Li Jiandong and the vice president of Syracuse, John Liu, Xidian-Syracuse Joint Center for Information Fusion was formally established.

Related Information:

Founded in 1870 and located in Syracuse, a city in New York State, Syracuse University is a world-renowned private research university. In this university, many schools are among the best in America, such as School of Architecture, School of Information, Computer Science and Engineering, Maxwell College of Civil and Public Affairs, Newhouse School of Communication, College of Visual and Performing Arts and College of Education. Teachers and students in these schools have made extraordinary achievements and great influence in each field. Syracuse ranks the 61stin the Us News university ranking list in 2018.

Joint Center for Information Fusion, the important part of Xidian-Syracuse cooperation framework, runs under the support of 111 base. The main purpose of the center is to build an academic exchange channel where the both sides can cooperate more closely with each other on issues of mutual interest. With regular programs of academic exchanges, mutual student visits and joint academic discussions launched, it also aims to provide opportunities for graduate students to participate in cutting-edge topics, such as information fusion and big data. That can enhance their interaction with international academic circles, support the construction of 111 base, and contribute to the development of disciplines in hot academic field.

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