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The Dream of Returning to Chang’an——the Return of Millions of Alumni: Committing 361.2 Billion Yuan to Xidian Contracts
Jun 8, 2018

On May 27th, the signing ceremony of the Dream of Returning to Chang’an——the Return ofMillions of Alumni in Xidian Session was held in the 3-5 meeting room of Shannxi Hotel. With the attendance of Wang Yongkang, the member of the Standing Committee of Shannxi province and the municipal party secretary in Xi’an, Shangguan Jiqing, the mayor of Xi’an and the deputy secretary of Xi’an Municipal Party, Zheng Xiaojing, the party secretary of Xidian university, Yang Zongkai, the president of Xidian university, and Liu Chuanzhi, an outstanding alumnus of Xidian and the president of Lenovo, there are around 400 Xidian alumni reuniting in Xi’an for this ceremony. They collaborate with others for the future at the table of friendship. The signing ceremony is held by Lv Jian, a member of the Xi’an standing committee and the executive vice mayor of Xi’an. The total value of signed contracts reached 361.2 billion yuan.




                                                                                                                           The Signing Ceremony


Wang Yongkang, the member of the Standing Committee of Shannxi province and Xi’an municipal party secretary


Zheng Xiaojing, the party secretary of Xidian university


Yang Zongkai and his proposal, “the Return of Alumni to Revitalize Xi’an”


Liu Chuanzhi, the president of Lenovo


The host, Lv Jian, a member of the Xi’an standing committee and the executive vice mayor of Xi’an

The ceremony was opened by Yang Zongkai’s proposal, “the Return of Alumni to Revitalize Xi’an”. He pointed out that since the 60th anniversary of Xidian’s relocation to Xi’an, this university which strives to be a talent pool, intellectual bank, and think tank, has actively exerted its superiority in the field of electronic information and has deepened its integration with Xi'an’s development. The future of the city, the development of the alma mater, and the alumni's career are inseparable and they live with each other. Xi’an has entered into its golden period of development since 2017. And now it is developed into a place for big things and promising businesses. A series of pragmatic and effective measures have turned Xi’an to be a hot spot for global venture capital investment.

Yang Zongkai put forward an initiative for alumni at home and abroad. He advocated that we should give priority to Xi’an for our innovative start-ups and achieve a greater success in the community of “Xi’an, a prosperous city+Xidian, a first-class university+Xidian alumni”with new contributions to Alma Mater’s reputation and influence and the high-quality development of Xi’an’s economy. He recommended that we should continue to focus on and support the development of our eternal spiritual home, Alma Mater and our “second hometown”, Xi’an. He declared that the universtiy would serve as a bridge and a link, unwaveringly support the attraction of intelligence and investment in Xi’an, and fully support alumni to show their talents on this stage. While integrating with Xi'an’s development, our university will accelerate the realization of the aim of becoming a top university with distinctive characteristics.

Later, Yang Zongkai granted a plaque, named “Xidian Alumni Entrepreneurs Association”, to the president of the association, Xu Yusuo. And Wang Yongkang and Zheng Xiaojing jointly unveiled the Xi'an Development Institute.



Plaque Awarding Ceremony


Inauguration ceremony


Before Wang Yongkang, Shangguan Jiqing, Zheng Xiaojing, Yang Zongkai and Liu Chuanzhi, Alumni projects including Chip Town in China (Xi’an) were divided into 8 groups for contract signing. It was reported that these contracted projects involved six categories, including military and civilian integration, technological towns, IT hard technology, the conversion of teachers’ scientific and technological achievements, students’ innovation and entrepreneurship, and venture capital fund projects. There were over 10 famous listed companies participating in these projects and the total value of the signed contract was 361.2 billion yuan.

In his speech, Liu Chuanzhi suggested that all alumni should feed back their Alma Mater and Xi’an. In the past two years, he said, Xi’an had witnessed significant changes. A series of large events such as the conferences of hard science and technology were held in Xi’an, which presented its determination to promote reform and development with openness. He believed that Xi’an had profound advantages in culture and technology and some deficiencies currently restricting the development, which needed to be gradually overcome through reforms. Opening up policy was the further reform of Xi’an and was a prelude to more advanced reforms.

Liu Chuanzhi said that the dream of returning to Chang’an was to bring together millions of Xi’an universities’alumni back to Xi’an, make them absorb others’ strengths in the process of integration, and promote to nuture a more advanced, aspirant and positive culture in Xi’an based on the traditional culture. With this new culture consistently implemented in the reforms, Xi’an will surely shine, and Xi’anpeople will also gain greater benefits. He promised that Legend Holdings would also increase its investment and efforts for Xi'an.

In her speech, Zheng Xiaojing stated that throughout the 60 years after her relocation to Xi’an, Xidian remained committed to her school mission of serving people wholeheartedly and her spirit of arduous struggle, self-improvement, seeking truth and pragmatism and loving the country and the people. She has cultivated a large number of talents for the development of China’s economy and society. With the Xidian spirit inherited, generations of Xidian students have made outstanding achievements in every industry. And now, under the call of Xi’an’s sincere wish for talents and the inspiration of rapid development of Xi’dian, they come back to Xi’an with great enthusiasm and practically support the prosperous development of Xi’an with their intelligence and strength. She said that besides the signning of projects, Xidian would attract more high-level talents to take root in Xi’an though establishing academicians’ studios and holding the alumni symposiums of listed companies. The university will effectively serve as a bridge link to provide strong support and good service for the related programs.

According to Zheng Xiaojing’s speech, Xidian sincerely wishes that the alumni could continuously focus on the development of our alma mater and Xi’an, give priority to Xi’an for their innovative entrepreneurship, and promote a more compact development community. All of these are necessary for them to make greater contributions to the acceleration of the vision of Xi’an for an internationalized metropolis and the “Double Tops” construction of our Alma mater, and jointly create a new chapter about the integration and development of cities, Alma mater and alumni in the new era.

In his speech at the end of the ceremony, Wang Yongkang concluded that in Xidian session of the Dream of Returning to Chang’an——the Return of Millions of Alumni, there were numerous signed projects with a total value of 360 billions, which marked a new record among all alumni gatherings. On behalf of the party committee and the municipal government of Xi’an, he expressed sincere thanks to Xidian and Xidian alumni for supporting the development of Xi’an.

Wang Yongkang shared series of great achievement about the joint development of Xi’an and Xidian university. With the launch of three revolutions, three new policies and unremitting efforts on 3+1 giant enterprises with a total capital of trillions of Yuan, the investment environment of Xi’an is getting better, which will make it develop faster and faster. Wang Yongkang put forward clear requirements for further establishing the alumni returning platform, vigorously developing alumni economy, and serving and guaranteeing the signing projects sincerely. He expressed that the government and the university will deepen a new round of comprehensive cooperation in the following six aspects:

In terms of innovation, the government will devote every effort to support Xidian’s “Double Top” construction. As for the entrepreneurship, the government will focus on promoting the construction of the innovative valley of the integrated military and civilian in the west of China. When it comes to the industry-university-research cooperation, we must work together to build the country’s fifth model city. In terms of personnel exchanges and cooperation, we should make full use of Xidian’s rich ore of talents. For the establishment of a cooperative carrier, we should pay attention to the three conferences, including the World Xi’an Entrepreneurs Convention, the Global Hard&Core Technology Conference and Global Programmer’s day. In regard to the service assurance, all cadres in Xi’an party committee and municipal government should work as a best assistant to Xidian’s development.

Wang Yongkang pointed out that the prosperity of Xidian University can’t be realized without the support of its alumni, and at the same time, Xidian people’s new contributions are also necessary for Xi’an’s catch-up and rapid development. He hoped that all of us could strive for building Xidian as a world-class university as soon as possible, and make Xi'an become a national center city and a cosmopolitan metropolis which leads the Asia-Europe exchanges and cooperation in the One Belt and Road initiative.

At the ceremony, the participants also watched a feature film about the reunification of Xidian alumni.

Besides the participants mentioned above, there were many others attending the signing ceremony, such as government leaders, including Lu Kai, a member of the standing committee of the municipal Party committee and secretary of the municipal Party committee in Xi’an, Gao Yan, a member of the standing committee of the municipal Party committee in Xi’an, Fang Guanghua, a deputy mayor of the government, and Kang Jun, the director of the Administrative Committee of Xixian New District, and the leaders in Xi’dian University, including Yang Yintang, a deputy secretary of the Party committee, Li Jiandong, Jiang Yuhao and Shi Guangming, the vice presidents, Ren Yingkun, the deputy Party secretary and the secretary of the disciplinary committee, and Wang Quan and Shi Feng , two assistants to the president. And together with other leaders of departments, colleges and institutes of Xidian University, those in charge of relative government agencies, the main leading comrades of Party committees and governments, and representatives of other universities in Xi’an, C9 University Alumni Association in Xi’an and Xidian teachers and students, there are around 600 people participating into the signing ceremony.

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