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President Yang Zongkai led a mission to visit Japan and Xidian join in the University Alliance of Humanities Exchange
Mar 30, 2018

From March 22nd to 26th,  the president of Xidian University, Yang Zongkai headed the delegation to visit Japan for the second presidents forum of Sino-Japan University Alliance of Humanities Exchange and he was invited to visit Tokushima University. The leaders of International Cooperation and Exchange and Microelectronics Institute were also present.

On March 24th, more than 100 representatives from over 30 universities in China and Japan gathered at Hiroshima University. With the theme of ‘Deepening Educational Exchanges and Promoting Mutual Understanding’, they discussed the future cooperation model and prospects of Sino-Japanese universities. Chen Baosheng, the minister of Education, also attended the forum and delivered a keynote speech. The forum issued a ‘Joint Statement’ that it is imperative to further strengthen students’ mutual communications and innovations in their activities, and lead them to become the next-generation bridge for communication and exchange between the two countries. The theme of the next seminar was clarified in the forum: technological development and humanistic quality. During the forum, President Yang made wide-ranging talks and exchanges with presidents of universities in Japan, including Hiroshima University, Musashino University, Nagasaki University, Sage University, and Sakura Merrill Lynch University, which laid the foundation for the future cooperation.

The Sino-Japan University Alliance of Humanities Exchange was founded on September 29th, 2017. The main responsibilities are to exert the respective advantages of China and Japan, integrate related resources in humanities exchange, support the construction of think tanks, and continuously research and explore the humanities exchange mechanism between the two countries. It aims to carry out multilevel and various humanities exchange activities between China and Japan to promote positive energy and make contributions to the healthy development of overall bilateral relations.

On March 26th, at the invitation of the president of Tokushima University, the mission of Xidian went to Tokushima University and had an in-depth talk with him and the dean of the institute of Science and Technology. President Yang proposed to make full use of the respective advantages of the two universities, learn from each other and continuously bring about new achievements in high-level personnel training and technological innovation. Focusing on extensive teacher-student exchanges, scientific research cooperation, and joint promotion of Chinese-foreign cooperative education institutions, the both sides conducted further consultations and signed a memorandum of cooperation and exchange. During the visit in Tokushima University, the delegation also went to the related semiconductor material laboratory, in which our honorary professor, the winner of Nobel Prize in Physics, Shuji Nakamura had worked. Besides, an in-depth communication was also held with Xidian Professor Ao Jinping, who was selected as a member of Thousand Talents Program.  

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