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Two Achievements Led by Xidian University Won the 2017 National Science and Technology Awards
Jan 18, 2018

(Translated by Yinrui)On the morning of January 8, 2018, the National Science and Technology Award Conference was held in Beijing. Party and state leaders Xi Jinping, Li Keqiang, Zhang Gaoli and Wang Huning attended the conference and presented prizes to the winners. Li Keqiang, on behalf of the Central Party Committee and the State Council, addressed the conference.Professor Li Jiandong and Professor Shi Guangming, both from the Xidian university, received the cordial meeting with the leaders of the party and the state as their representatives.

In the selection of the 2017 State Science and Technology Prizes, the research team, led by Professor Li Jiandong, won the second prize of the national Innovation and Technology Award , the research team, led by Professor Shi Guangming, won the second prize of the National Natural Science Award.

Led by professor Jiandong, “the technology of dense wireless communication control based on network resource system”, breaks through the technology of dense wireless communication control based on network resource system, putting forward the architecture of network resource management, inventing the methods of active cognitive allocation based on multidimensional network resources, of the high intensive user-access from the regional linkage resources, and of networked interference transfer by cross-domain resources collaboration, achieving the orderly networked flow in the dense wireless communication resources system, guaranteeing the sustained high growth of network capacity.

Led by professor Shi Guangming, “the research on the theory of coding aliasing imaging and computational reconstruction”, clarifies the mechanism of obtaining high resolution image by low resolution detector, putting forward the method of coding aliasing observation oriented by knowledge structure, revealing the expressive mechanism of signal characteristics of abound sparse domain, established the statistical distribution calculating decoupling model of learning drive, forming the theory and method of high resolution imaging in the field of foreign decoupling. The achievements have been applied in the research of the new system of spaceborne imaging, solving the problem of high reliance on foreign high resolution sensor in our country, and making contribution to the discipline of image processing and national defense construction.

The above two achievements are the fruits of our university as the first unit to obtain state awards.. In addition, the associate professor Zheng Yuanshi from school of mechanical and electrical engineering, cooperated with Peking University,completed the "Analysis and Control of Network-based Dynamic Systems" , and won the second prize of the National Natural Science Award, provided a solid theory foundation for the program of coordinated control of networked dynamic systems theory. The "Manufacturing Technology of Complex Photoelectric Electromechanical System Based on Multidisciplinary Physical Quantity Control", completed by Professor Ma Boyuan and Aerospace Science and Industry, won the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award.

It is reported that the 2017 National Science and Technology Awards awarded 271 achievements. There are 35 National Natural Science Award, including 2 first prizes and 33 second prizes; 66 Innovation and Technology Awards, including 4 first prizes and 62 second prizes; 170 National Science and Technology Progress Award, 3 special prize, 21 first prize (including the innovation team), 146 second prize.

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