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3 Disciplines Rated A in the Fourth National Assessment of First-level Disciplines
Jan 18, 2018

(Translated by YInrui) On December 28, Development Center for Academic Degrees and Graduate Education released the result of the Fourth National Assessment of First-level Disciplines. 11 disciplines from Xidian University entered the ranking with 3 disciplines rated A. Electronic Science and Technology was rated A+, ranking first nationwide, Information and Communication Engineering A, and Computer Science and Technology A-. This demonstrated that our electronic and information disciplines remained to be first-class in China. In addition, Control Science and Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Software Engineering were rated B+; Optical Engineering and Instrument Science B; Management Science and Engineering rated B-; Materials Science and Engineering, and Biomedical Engineering C+.

Xidian’s Results in the Fourth National Assessment of First-level Disciplines

Rating     Discipline

A+            Electronic Science and Technology

A              Information and Communication Engineering

A-             Computer Science and Technology

B+            Control Science and Engineering

                Mechanical Engineering

                Software Engineering

B              Optical Engineering

                 Instrument Science and Technology

B-             Management Science and Engineering

C+            Materials Science and Engineering

                 Biomedical Engineering

Discipline assessment is carried out on first-level disciplines with rights to confer doctoral and master degrees by the Development Center for Academic Degrees and Graduate Education to evaluate the overall level of disciplines, in accordance with the “Discipline Catalogue for Degree Conferring and Talent Cultivation” issued by the Office of the State Council Academic Degrees Committee and the Ministry of Education of China. The fourth Assessment was conducted on 95 first-level disciplines (excluding 16 disciplines such as Military Science), with a total of 7449 disciplines in 513 universities (increase by 76% over the third Assessment) and 94% of disciplines from universities with doctoral degree conferring rights have participated in the Assessment. The top 70% of all disciplines are divided into 9 levels: top 2% (or top 2) is rated A+; 2% - 5%, A (excluding 2%, the same below); 5% - 10%, A-; 10% - 20%, B+; 20% - 30%, B; 30% - 40%, B-; 40% - 50%, C+; 50% - 60%, C; 60% - 70%, C-.

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