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Knowledge Gained From The Visit To The University Of Toronto

Dec 18, 2019Item:www;

This one-month long visit to the U of T(University Of Toronto) provided me a significant and an unfogetable experience, which gave me the opportunity to take a look in Toronto, for it’s beauty and charm. What’s more, this trip widely broadened my horizons, enable me to assess myself in the perspective of future requirement for a successful person, and to enhance my abilities in order to survive in the changing society.


The moment I stepped on Toronto, my first impression of it was its mixed street scene. There are many peoples in Canada, such like Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Europeans. Unsimilar to other prosperous modern cities in the world ,Toronto is keeping a relatively slower life pace. Therefore,I had a more comfortable and easier life in Toronto and I had enough time to take a look on it’s culture and scene. Besides ,another feature o Toronto is that it

has more space than China. Canada has much fewer persons and bigger territory than China. So it is not so crowded as China. The scene in Toronto is very beautiful. The relatively new buses and old subway quickly caught my eyes, this is a shark contrast. In addition ,the citizens attached great importance to get all kinds of information from all over the world. Therefore, the scenes that people were busy in reading newspapers or other publications even on the buses or subways bored the familiar pattern in public places. But I think there is another reason for that. The subway in Toronto is so old that it has no signal. As is known to us all, the availability to access to all kinds of information is relevent to a place's development degree. So trying to get the latest information ,especially those related to our current engagement is essential. Having seen these, I was deeply motivated to treasure my time in college and to make full use of different kinds of learning resources, being active and being knowledgeable so as to keep pace with the modern world.


Furthermore, there had great differences in the teaching pattern between the U Of T and Xidian University.The teachers centred around cultivating students' own abilities to learn ,to study, so in their lectures, they concentrated on guiding students to analyse the material from different aspects and encouraging students to demonstrate their own ideas, by presantations and team work. while the teachers just as reference. What's more,they emphasized on learning by investigation, learning by cooperation and learning as a group.


All in all,the visit to the U Of T was a meaningful experience for me, which brought different views to me and enlightened me a lot for one thing, and helped me come to realize that “Travel is an edifying experience, especially for young people .” and I should set my sights higher also broader. Besides, there are much more knowledge from many sources besides books, which motivate me to cherish the time and resources in college, and to make great efforts to obtain as much knowledge as possible.