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Welcome to Xidian Global Competence Forum for Young Elites,2019
May 13, 2019

Xidian University (XDU) dedicates primarily to the electronics and information research and education, with an integration of a wide range of academic subjects covering engineering, sciences, humanities and social sciences. It is one of the universities listed in China’s “Double-First Class” initiatives. In the Fourth National Assessment of First-level Disciplines, XDU’S electronics ranks #1, information and telecommunications engineering ranks #3 and computer science and technology ranks #7 in China.

In 2019, XDU will hold Global Competence Forum for Young Elites. If your application is approved, you will be able to:

  Share ideas with global talents

  Upgrade global competence

  Interact with world-renowned enterprises and scholars

  Experience a students’ life in a typical Chinese famous university

  Enjoy a trip in the 13-dynasty Capital City of Xi’an

  Be awarded a special certificate

Time: 2019.07.05-07.073 days




Full   Day

Arrival   and registration( Hotel Available after 1:00pm)



Opening   ceremony

Special   speeches by famous academician, heads of    world-renowned enterprises and professors

Keynote speeches

by   global young elites



Panel   Meeting

Themes   on Global Competence: responsibility and mission, education comparison   between China and foreign countries, upgrading youth’s ability, career   development

Closing   ceremony, initiating XDU Global Competence Declaration


Full   Day

Culture   Experience


About 350 global young elites from world-renowned universities


XDU will decide whether the applicants will be sponsored. Fees including international round-trip flights, insurance and personal cost, etc., other than collective activities should be paid by participants.


Please send your application form (click the blue words to download this form) to and c.c


 11:00pm , May 26th 2019, Beijing Time

For more information:

Tel:+86-029-81891058 ;  Fax: +86-029-81891671

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