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One Day of Miss MA Yuan through Camera Lens, a Freshman of the Xidian-Heriot Watt University Cooperative Program in Running School
Oct 12, 2015

Xidian University has two cooperative programs in running school approved by the Ministry of Education. The partners are Polytech Nantes, France and Heriot Watt University in UK. Both programs have started to enroll students. Xidian-Heriot Watt University Cooperative Program in running school starts to enroll students for the first time in 2015 and the annual size of enrollment is expected to be 100. The all-English program adopts a 3+1 mode, i.e. students study in Xidian for first three years and in Heriot Watt University for the last year if certain requirements set by Heriot Watt University are met by the students. The curriculum is jointly designed by two universities. The program is supervised by the Joint Managing Committee composed of members from both universities. The students who meet the graduation qualifications of both universities will be awarded the Diploma and bachelor degree by Xidian University and the bachelor degree by Heriot Watt University. Here we show one day of miss ma yuan through camera lens, a freshman of this program to help you to know better of the program.  


group experiment-1

group experiment-2

in class of Praxis Electronic Design



preparation for IELTS after breakfast


shopping in campus supermarket

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