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(October 16-18) The First International Workshop on Cyber Security
Sep 21, 2015

Time: October 16-18 , 2015
Conference: The First International Workshop on Cyber Security
Organizer: School of Cyber Engineering, Xidian University
          1. applied cryptography, security authentication, electronic commerce protocols
          2. active defense system, adaptive defense system, bio-security system
          3. database and system security, data protection, data and system integrity
          4. distributed access control
          5. high-performance network virtualization and security system
          6. key distribution, management, and agreement technology
          7. cloud computing security, and cloud storage
          8. large data security, data analysis and mining technology
          9. intrusion detection and smart defense system
         10.critical safety infrastructure
         11.RFID, smart grid, and wireless network security and privacy protection
         12.trusted computing, trust management, and security of the world wide web strategy and security protocol

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