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2019.4.22--From the Internet of Information to the Internet of Intelligence
Apr 16, 2019


From the Internet of Information to the   Internet of Intelligence


F. Richard Yu


2019-04-22 16:00:00


1012,new technology building of North Campus

Lecturer    Profile

F. Richard Yu received the PhD degree in electrical   engineering from the University of British Columbia (UBC) in 2003. From 2002   to 2006, he was with Ericsson (in Lund, Sweden) and a start-up in California,   USA. He joined Carleton University in 2007, where he is currently a   Professor. He has published over 500 papers with over 13,000 citations and   h-index of 65 (Google Scholar), including 19 as highly cited papers (per   Essential Science Indicators). He holds 27 granted international patents. Dr.   Yu received the IEEE Outstanding Service Award in 2016, IEEE Outstanding   Leadership Award in 2013, Carleton Research Achievement Award in 2012, the   Ontario Early Researcher Award (formerly Premiers Research Excellence Award)   in 2011, the Excellent Contribution Award at IEEE/IFIP TrustCom 2010, the   Leadership Opportunity Fund Award from Canada Foundation of Innovation in   2009 and the Best Paper Awards at IEEE ICNC 2018, VTC 2017 Spring, ICC 2014,   Globecom 2012, IEEE/IFIP TrustCom 2009 and Int'l Conference on Networking   2005. His research interests include wireless cyber-physical systems,   connected/autonomous vehicles, security, distributed ledger technology, and   deep learning.

He serves on the editorial boards of several journals,   including Co-Editor-in-Chief for Ad Hoc & Sensor Wireless Networks, Area   Editor for IEEE Communications Surveys & Tutorials, Lead Series Editor   for IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, and IEEE Transactions on Green   Communications and Networking. He has served as the Technical Program   Committee (TPC) Co-Chair of numerous conferences. Dr. Yu is a registered   Professional Engineer in the province of Ontario, Canada, a Fellow of   the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), and a Fellow of the   IEEE. He is a Distinguished Lecturer of both IEEE Vehicular Technology   Society and Communications Society. He is the Vice President (Membership) and   an elected member of the Board of Governors (BoG) of the IEEE Vehicular   Technology Society.

Lecture    Abstract

In the era of the Internet of information, we have gone   through layer, cross-layer, and cross-system design paradigms. The “curse of   modeling” and “curse of dimensionality” of the current Internet of   information have resulted in the popularity of using artificial intelligence   (AI) for the Internet of information in the recent years. However, many   significant research challenges remain to be addressed for the AI approach,   including the lack of data for this data-driven approach.

In a larger time scale, humans’ cooperation has gone through   “grid of transportation”, “grid of energy”, and “the Internet of information”   paradigms. The next cooperation paradigm could be “the Internet of   intelligence”, where intelligence can be easily obtained like information and   energy. In this talk, we will present some recent advances in these areas.   Then, we discuss some open issues and challenges that need to be addressed in   the future.


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