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2019.4.15--Predictive Modeling of Dielectric Effects in Materials
Apr 16, 2019


Predictive Modeling of Dielectric Effects in Materials


Biosketch Erik Luijten


2019-04-09 16:00:00


South Campus G-118

Lecturer    Profile

Professor   Erik Luijten studied physics in The Netherlands, where he received his MSc   from the Institute for Theoretical Physics at Utrecht University (with Prof.   Henk van Beijeren) and his PhD (cum laude) from Delft University of   Technology in 1997 (with Prof. Henk Blöte). He has worked as a postdoctoral   research associate at the Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research and the   University of Mainz, Germany, with Prof. Kurt Binder and at the Institute for   Physical Science and Technology of the University of Maryland, with Prof.   Michael E. Fisher and Prof. Athanassios Panagiotopoulos. From 2001 to 2008 he   was an assistant professor and later associate professor in the Department of   Materials Science and Engineering and (by courtesy) the Department of Physics   at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. In January 2009 he joined   Northwestern University, with appointments in Materials Science and   Engineering and Applied Mathematics. As of September 2016, he is chair of the   Department of Materials Science and Engineering.

Professor   Luijten's research interests encompass a wide range of topics, with an   emphasis on collective behavior in complex fluids and soft condensed-matter   systems. Recent work includes colloidal self-assembly, nanoparticles for gene   delivery purposes, bacterial self-organization, and data analysis for   gravitational-wave detectors. These topics are generally studied via   large-scale computer simulations.

Professor   Luijten received the 2003 IAPWS Helmholtz Award in recognition of   “Fundamental and innovative contributions enhancing the state of the art of   computer simulations of theoretical models that are directly relevant to the   critical and phase behaviour of aqueous systems.” He also received an NSF   CAREER Award (2004) and a Xerox Award for Faculty Research (2006). In 2013 he   was elected Fellow of the American Physical Society.

Lecture    Abstract

Lecture   1
Predictive Modeling of Dielectric Effects in Materials
  Efficient computer simulation strategies that offer predictive capabilities   play a crucial role in the design of new materials. A frequently overlooked   factor in this type of modeling, in particular for polymeric and colloidal   systems, is the role of dielectric effects. New computational developments   have now made it possible to incorporate these effects in predicting   colloidal interactions, self-assembled structures, and ionic charge   transport. I will illustrate the methods that provide these capabilities and   demonstrate how they can be exploited to design materials with new   properties. 
Lecture 2
Dynamic collective behavior and phase separation of active colloids
  Colloidal suspensions are a prototypical example of systems that can be   either passive of active. Here, I will demonstrate how various forms of   dynamics and different types of interactions result in unexpected and until   now largely unexplored aggregation and phase behavior. These observations,   obtained through a combination of experiments and computer simulations,   reveal striking connections between colloidal self-assembly and collective   dynamics, and between dynamic behavior and classical thermodynamics.   Moreover, a remarkable variety of collective dynamics can be realized through   simple variation of the applied electric fields. These observations provoke   new thoughts on the nature of
soft materials and our ability to manipulate them.


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