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2019.4.12--Lessons for the Future: Reflections on Developing a Modern International University
Apr 12, 2019


Lessons for the Future: Reflections on Developing a Modern   International University


Prof.   Timothy Wheeler


Room 602,Office Building,South Campus, Xidian University


2019-04-12   14:15:00

Lecturer    Profile

He was   educated at the University College of North Wales, Bangor, where he studied   as an undergraduate and subsequently gained a Doctorate in Psychology.

Appointed   Principal of University College Chester in 1998 and became the first   Vice-Chancellor of the University of Chester in 2005.

Lecture   Abstract

Our   interest in international connections is much broader than student   recruitment.  In research, in our international industry links, and in   the provision of high quality education within and outside the UK.  The   University of Chester has a huge amount to offer and gain by engaging with   other countries on their priorities as well as our own.

As the UK   diminishes its links with the European Union post Brexit, its world leading   science base will play a critical role in working with international   counterparts to address the great global challenges of our age: finite growth   in resources against a greater growth in population, addressing environmental   issues and ensuring sustainability.

As a   university, we aspire to meet the future needs of our students for the coming   decades.  Increasingly the University has looked beyond its National   boundaries and has identified the skills that will be needed globally in the   future as the curriculum, mode of delivery and the impact of artificial   intelligence and big data create an imperative for modernisation.

There is an   incredible pace of change in China at this time.  From various economic   models, China will become the world’s largest economy no later than   2030.  In the context of the UK, Brexit and uncertainties concerning   economic development, we needed to find opportunities where there is a sense   of direction and stability.  China with such an impressive long-term   view was an obvious priority.

For the   last five years, we have worked with Chinese partners in areas where   universities can create significant additional value for the local market,   regional economies, nationally and internationally. It is done with a regard   and mutual understanding of what people need and those issues that have to be   prioritized for the benefit of both parties.


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