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(September 8)Xidian University - Loughborough Univeristy "1+2" Dual Masters Joint Education Programme
Sep 7, 2016


Xidian  University - Loughborough Univeristy "1+2" Dual Masters Joint  Education Programme


Dr. Edwards


14:30, September 8,  2016


B401, South Campus

Lecturer  Profile

Director of the Centre  for Mobile Communications Research
Head of China  Programmes/Internationalisation
Reader in Mobile  Communications
Loughborough University  |

Dr. Edwards is responsible  for setting up and maintaining strategic partnerships in China for the School  of Mechanical, Electrical and Manufacturing Engineering. He is also programme  director for Masters Degrees in Mobile Communications, Network Communications  and Digital Communications Systems. His research interests include Advanced  Mobile Communications, Radio Frequency Radiation in Humans and Advanced Radio  Frequency/Microwave Design and Measurement relating to Mobile Communications.

Lecture  Abstract

This talk is an  enrollment propaganda. Loughborough Univeristy (LU) is a top five university  and 1st in the UK for student experience. LU has an international reputation  for excellence in teaching and research. Since 2016, Xidian University (XDU)  and LU has set up a "1+2" dual masters joint education programme. The  first year will be taught at LU. Following successful completion of all the  relevant assessment requirements as stipulated by LU, students will be eligible  to receive the award of Master of Science from LU. The first part of the  programme consists of a one-year, full-time, Masters degree programme in:
 Electronic and  Electrical Engineering,
 Digital Communications  Systems,
 Networked  Communications,
 Renewable Energy  Systems Technology,
 Systems Engineering

offered by LU. The  last two years will be taught at XDU. Upon successful completion of the  two-year Masters programme and the relevant assessments according to XDU  regulations, students will be awarded a Masters degree of XDU.

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