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Xidian students on the Stage of CCTV 1 on Chinese Youth Day!

Time: May 6, 2016

Ten students from the Art Troupe of Xidian perform a costume drama with singing and dancing, with over 1000 college students on the stage of CCTV 1 to celebrate the Chinese Youth Day. The glamorous program named Flower in May with the theme of pursuit of youthful dreams is staged. The performance, The Red Blossom of Jacobinia Carnea (Shan dan dan hua kai, hong yan yan), is adaptation from a fork song which depicts the glorious revolutionary transition period of Red Army’s arrival in Northern Shaanxi Province led by Chairman MAO Zedong. It best reflects the characteristics of Xidian. is well received by audience nationwide. This is the second time Xidian students are invited to participate in the highly representative event. Last year, Xidian students presented a high-tech shadow puppet show which combines Chinese traditional folk art and modern technology.

LONG Jiancheng, Vice Chairman of university council with students