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Xidian Students Shine in the Second Round of the 8th China Interpretation Contest

Time: May 23, 2019

    On 11th, May, the 8th China Interpretation Contest was held at Xi’an University of Science and Technology in Lintong. Five students from the School of Foreign Languages in Xidian University attended the competition. They are Wang Ruixue, Yin Xiaoxue, Wang Ruochen, Wang Luyao and Mao Yongmei. Wang Ruochen was ranked 9 of all the contestants and awarded the Second Prize. Wang Luyao and Wang Ruixue were awarded the Third Prize. Wang Ruochen and Wang Luyao are qualified to enter the next round of competition in the western region. Professors Qin Feng and Liu Yiming picked up the Outstanding Instructor Award.


    The annual China Interpretation Contest is hosted by the Translators Association of China in an attempt to improve translation education and language service industry by educating high-quality talents. It also pledges to honor the Belt and Road Initiative and serve the requirements of national development and international communication. This competition is co-organized by Xi’an University of Science and Technology, and by Huayi Education Consulting Co., Ltd.. Nearly 100 contestants participated in the competition, which is divided into two parts: preliminaries and finals. The preliminaries are English-Chinese translations. The finals are Chinese-English translations. The topics of the translations cover many fields including economics, culture and diplomacy.

    For a long time, the School of Foreign Languages has dedicated itself to cultivating top translators with applicable skills, innovative minds and international awareness. The school strongly emphasizes students’ practical interpretation skills and intercultural communications. Also, it strives to further integrate translation education with social resources. In doing so, great progress has been achieved.