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Xidian Students Achieving Outstanding Results in the 13th Chemical Engineering Design Competition

Time: Oct 23, 2019

 The 13th Chemical Engineering Design Competition for College Students was held recently at North University of China. The team led by Liang Yanping and Li Shuping, professors from the of Applied Chemistry Experiment Education Demonstration Center of Xidian University, participated in the competition and won one second prize in the national finals, one first prize and one third prize in the northwest region preliminaries.


The competition was held by the Chemical Industry and Engineering Society of China, China Education Association of Chemical Industry, and the Ministry of Education College Steering Committee for Chemical Industry. Hosted by North University of China, it aims to cultivate college students' innovative thinking and engineering skills in many aspects. Also, it hopes to build teamwork spirit, enhance the engineering design and practical ability of college students, and put into practice the Excellent Engineer Education Program.

The competition is registered in 5-person teams. Their task is to complete the design according to our requirements. This year’s requirement is to design a factory with vinyl acetate as the product or to improve an existing factory to meet the demands of Made in China 2025.

This year, 164 teams from 46 universities in Shaanxi, Gansu, Ningxia, Qinghai, Xinjiang, and Shanxi provinces participated in the competition. 2138 teams from 349 colleges in the six regions participated in the finals. After fierce competition, XDU team of Guo Lihao, Zhou Nan, Wang Xu, Wu Siguang and Chen Ziteng won the first prize in the Northwest Region Preliminaries and the second prize in the National Finals. The team of Feng Yuge, Wang Shuaikun, Zhi Huaqian, Li Jianglong and Dong Xiaohu won the third prize in the Northwest Region Preliminaries.

The results of this competition shows not only the achievements of the experimental education reform, but also the noteworthy abilities and comprehensive quality of XDU students. In addition, it has expanded the influence of XDU, and further enhanced our practical teaching quality.