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School of Electronic Engineering

The School of Electronic Engineering (SEE) of Xidian University was established on Sept. 4, 1993, with the approval of the former Ministry of Electronic Industry, P. R. China. The predecessors of the SEE are the Department of Radar Engineering and the Department of Electronic Engineering, which were established in 1949 and 1980, respectively. The new SEE was formed by merging the original SEE, the Department of Microwave Telecommunication Engineering,and the Institute of Antennas and Microwave Technology. The primary aim of SEEis to serve both national economic growth and the modernization of the national defense of China. The research in SEE covers a diverse range of topics. Presently,SEE is renowned for its commitment to new and creative education and research approaches and the quality of its graduates.


There are five departments.

1. Department of Electronic Engineering

2. Department of Electronic and Information Engineering

3. Department of Detection Guidance and Control

4. Department of Information Countermeasures

5.Department of Intelligent Science and Technology

Two national laboratories:

1. National Laboratory of Radar Signal Processing

2.National Laboratory of Antennas and Microwave Technology

One national instruction base:

National Instruction Base of Electro-technics and Electronics

Three key laboratories of Ministry of Education

1. Key Laboratory of Intelligent Perception and Image Understanding

2. Key Laboratory of Electronic Information Countermeasure and Simulation (EICS)

3.Key Lab of High-speed Circuit Design and EMC, Ministry of Education

Five institutes:

1. Institute of Electronic Engineering

2. Institute of Antennas Technology

3. Institute of Intelligent Information Processing

4. Institute of Electronic CAD

5.Institute of Pattern Recognition and Intelligent Control

At present, SEE has a full-time staff of 311, including one member of Chinese Academy of Sciences (Prof. BAO Zheng), two National FamousTeachers of China(Prof. LIANG Changhongand Prof. SUN Xiaozi), three National Experts with Outstanding Contributions, 40 pace-setters in scientific research, 52 Ph.D.supervisors, 60 professors, and 81 associate professors and senior engineers.There are approximately 157 young teachers with doctoral degrees. Currently,the total number of students enrolled at SEE is some 6,700. Of these some 3,900 are undergraduate students, 2,200 are master students, and 600 are doctoralstudents.

Three national key subjects:

1. Signal andInformation Processing

2. Circuits and Systems

3.Electromagnetic Field and Microwave Technology

Five majors for undergraduates:

1. Electronic and Information Engineering

2. Remote Sensing Science and Technology

3. Information Countermeasure Technology

4. Intelligent Science and Technology

5.Electromagnetic Field and Radio Technology

Ten master programs:

1. Circuits and Systems

2. Electromagnetic Field and Microwave Technology

3. Signal and Information Processing

4. Information Countermeasure

5. Intelligent Information Processing

6. System Engineering

7. Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence

8. Navigation,Guidance and Control

9. Environment Science

10.Environment Engineering

Six doctoral programs:

1. Circuits and Systems

2. Electromagnetic Field and Microwave Technology

3. Signal and Information Processing

4. Information Countermeasure

5. Intelligent Information Processing

6.Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence

There are three post-doctoral research stations which offer the positions of CheungKong Scholar.

Great research successes have been achieved in the fields of signal processing,system simulation, electronic system design, computer control, and color TVCAD. Ten projects won the National Award for Science and Technology Progress,and over 90 research projects, outstanding teaching achievements, books, and teaching materials have won ministerial, provincial awards or awards of otherlevels. Researchers who are interested are warmly welcome to visit SEE, to study and undertake joint research in related areas.

Dean: Prof. LIAO Guisheng

Tel: +86-29-88201030

Fax: +86-29-88201030



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