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Department of Physical Education

Department of Physical Education of Xidian University (XDU) is responsible mainly for public physical education, cultivation of physical education professionals, construction of physical education discipline, group activities, sports competitions, physical fitness test of college students, management of sports venues, etc. The Department obtained approval to confer master’s degree in physical education as first-level discipline in 2017, and was authorized a bachelor’s degree program for sports training with big data characteristics in 2021. In 2018, it was approved to be School Physical Education Informatization Research Base in Shaanxi Province, Zhongnanshan Wushu Research Center, Youth Physical Education Literacy Research Center and other scientific research institutions. In 2019, High-level Cheerleading Team of XDU was identified as the National Cheerleading Training Team by General Administration of Sport of China and China Cheerleading Association.


Department of Physical Education has 71 staff members, including 57 full-time teachers, 4 management personnel and 10 field workers. The faculty consists of 4 professors, 32 associate professors and 16 lecturers. Among the teaching staff are 6 doctoral degree holders, 1 researcher in a postdoctoral research station, 1 doctoral supervisor and 7 master supervisors. There are 2 teachers winning title of Outstanding Teacher of XDU, 1 international referee, 10 national referees, 50 CPC members and 5 members of democratic parties.


In recent years, College Physical Education has been approved as a provincial resource sharing course, and has first won the Shaanxi Virtual Simulation Teaching Experiment Project and Shaanxi Provincial Excellent Textbook Award. It has been awarded more than 50 scientific research grants from the National Social Science Fund, the Social Science Fund of the Ministry of Education, the Key Projects of General Administration of Sport of China, the Social Science Fund of Shaanxi Province and the Natural Science Fund of Shaanxi Province. It has published more than 300 papers, including more than 70 core journal papers and 9 papers selected by international academic conferences. It has obtained more than 10 utility model patents. It has compiled and published 14 textbooks and monographs.


As for physical education, XDU conscientiously practices General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important instructions on building China into a leading sporting nation and the spirit of the National Education Conference, deeply implements the deployment of the Opinions on Comprehensively Strengthening and Improving College Physical Education in the New Era, carries out the fundamental task of fostering virtue through education, and firmly establishes the physical education concept of health first. XDU has issued the Implementation Plan of Physical Education Reform for Implementing the Opinions on Comprehensively Strengthening and Improving School Physical Education in the New Era in Xidian University, consolidated the consensus of fostering people through physical education, integrated teaching, training and competition, combined in-class and extracurricular activities through physical education clubs, built a physical education system with XDU characteristics, and improved students’ physical health condition. Break the restrictions of majors, classes and schools, the clubs allow students to freely choose sports events, class time, teachers and sports skill levels. All students can attend physical education clubs, and 21 physical education clubs favored by students and obviously promoting students’ physical health are available. XDU has formed the club teaching characteristics of “four independents” course selection and “personalized curriculum schedule”, aiming to motivate students to master sports skills and strengthen physical fitness, to comprehensively improve physical health condition, and to achieve the new goal of school physical education in the new era. Beginning with the undergraduate students of Grade 2020, the compulsory course of physical education has been extended to four years, with 0.5 credits per semester, which serves as an effective measure to ensure the full opening of physical education class.


Playing a guiding role in the physical education competitions of XDU are two high-level sports teams, namely swimming team and aerobics team. At the same time, relying on various physical education clubs, XDU has set up a number of college students’ physical education teams and insisted on training all year round, which have won many awards in various competitions at the national and provincial levels. In 2022, the Department established basketball team, tennis team and acrobatics team for sports training major undergraduates. XDU’s physical education focuses on stimulating college students’ awareness of active participation in physical education competitions, cultivating students’ group cohesion and teamwork spirit, and producing physical education culture festivals organized as physical education competitions such as school sports meeting, campus mini marathon, “XDU Cup” and college students’ physical fitness test sports meeting, with an attempt to achieve the goal of all college students participating in competitions throughout a year.


In the process of promoting educational informationization, the Department of Physical Education of XDU take the advantage of an electronic information-oriented university, and relies on the university’s physical education informationization research base in Shaanxi Province to build a benchmark university of “artificial intelligence plus physical education”. By building intelligent sports venues, adopting face recognition and teacher manual intervention, students can exercise at least four times a week (including one club lecture). The Department achieves accurate supervision, management and assessment of students’ daily sports participation and guides students to develop good exercise habits and healthy lifestyles.


XDU’s physical education is actively advancing the internationalization process. The high-level cheerleading team of XDU visited Australia on behalf of China and won the laurel in flower ball dance event in university group of cheerleading All-Star Game. In addition, many scholars from Britain, the United States, Belgium and other countries were invited to XDU for academic exchanges. The swimming team of XDU and five PE staff went to Britain and the United States as visiting scholars, referees and for physical education competitions, and many teaching staff went overseas to attend international academic conferences on sports and deliver keynote speeches.

With the completion of Invengo Gymnasium and the large-scale maintenance and renovation of outdoor sports venues, the sports venues and facilities of XDU have ranked the first class among domestic universities. Up to now, the total area of XDU’s sports venues is 185,000 square meters. Among them, the gymnasium covers an area of 23,000 square meters, and hosted badminton events of the 14th National Games and Paralympic Games in autumn 2021. The average area of full-time students is 5.65 square meters.


In the journey of socialism with Chinese characteristics entering a new era and building double first-class university, the Department of Physical Education is to adhere to the “four-in-one” work pattern of teaching, scientific research, competition and services by implementing the fundamental task of fostering virtue through education, focusing on promoting the development of students’ lifelong physical education. Regarding reform and innovation as the driving force, using discipline construction as a leverage, centering on improving teaching quality, highlighting physical education competition, we strive to deepen connotation construction, promote the comprehensive and sustainable development of college physical education, and create the first-class college physical education in China.

October, 2022



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