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School of Artificial Intelligence


Geared to the needs of major national strategies and international leading research development, School of Artificial Intelligence (SAI) fully implements the spirit of New Generation Artificial Intelligence Development Plan, carries out a series of national strategies including “Internet +”, “the Belt and Road Initiative”, innovative national construction, and civil-military fusion development, and strives to build an advanced AI talents training base, innovative research and development center and high-level AI research platform. 


Based on the past 30 years of artificial intelligence development, SAI has established 3 national platforms - the International Research Center for Intelligent Perception and Computation, the National Base of Intelligent Information Processing, and the National Collaborative Innovation Center (2011) for Information Perception Technology; 9 provincial platforms, such as the Key Laboratory of Intelligent Perception and Image Understanding of Ministry of Education, International Joint Laboratory for Intelligence and Computing, Shaanxi Collaborative Innovation Center (2011) for Big Data Intelligent Perception and Computation, and Shaanxi Intelligent Science and Technology Teaching Team; and 8 provincial technology innovation teams in areas such as intelligent information processing, intelligent perception and image understanding, visual computing and collaborative cognition. Meanwhile, promoting the university-industrial research collaboration, SAI has established more than 10 joint research centers or laboratories integrating education, training and research, such as Xidian-HP Joint Lab of High-Performance Computing, Xidian-AMD Joint Lab, and Xidian-Suanier AI Research Institute.


SAI has 77 full-time faculty members, including 32 professors and 26 associate professors; 60 of our faculty members are graduate supervisors, and over 90% have more than one year of oversea experience. In the past ten years, our faculty have undertaken various national scientific research projects, published more than 1,000 papers in international journals, had SCI papers cited over 3,000 times, and authorized more than 1000 national invention patents. We have won 3 National Natural Science Awards (Second Class), 1 National Teaching Achievement Award (Second Class), and more than 20 provincial and ministerial level awards. With its comprehensive strength in scientific research, SAI has maintained a leading position among Chinese universities.


After more than ten years of exploration and practice in integrating science and education, SAI has established an integrated framework for educating students from undergraduate to postgraduate studies with “Internationalization + Xidian Characteristics” and integrated education mechanism for “international academic frontier + major national needs” scientific research, innovation-practice collaboration and “high-level platform + high-level talents” development. Hundreds of SAI alumni have grown into leading experts in the academic and industrial field of artificial intelligence in China.


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