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School of Cyber Engineering

General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that without cyber security there would be no national security, and that without informatization there would be no modernization. This is a high generalization of great significance of the national cyber development strategy. Today, when we are fully implementing the national cyber development strategy and when the country and the people have put forward higher requirements and greater expectations for cyber security and informatization, the School of Cyber Engineering of Xidian University has become a "valiant general" who dares to venture and fight in the field of cyber security personnel cultivation and whose good operation brings about satisfactory results.

Xidian University took the lead in establishing the School of Cyber Engineering at the end of 2014, which has ever since actively promoted the cultivation of top-notch innovative talents, the cohesion of high-level talents, the research on and development of core and key technologies, and the construction of high-level disciplines, aiming at building a first-class school of cyber engineering. The University has successively become one of the first two pilot bases for the cultivation of cyber security talents in the whole country, and one of the first degree-awarding units in China to establish the doctoral program in this new first-level discipline. It won the approval to establish an innovation and talent introduction base for mobile Internet security disciplines, became the only university member of the Cyber Security Innovation Center of the State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense, and was selected into the National First-class Cyber Security School Construction Demonstration Project and ranked first in September 2017. The School is working hard to explore and build a path and model for cyber security industry, study, research, and application ecosphere in line with China's reality, aiming at providing reproducible and propagable experience for the cultivation of national cyber security talents.

Under the guidance of "Three Returns" principle established by the University, namely the return to the essence of education, the return to the essence of school running, and the return to the essence of scientific research, the School strives to promote, from top-level design to specific steps in talent cultivation, the combination of "cultivating talents and serving national needs", the combination of "independence and openness, and masses and elites", the combination of "teaching and research, teaching and industry, and teaching and politics", and the close integration of ten aspects in four levels of "teaching and learning, learning and training, training and contesting, and contesting and practicing". The School adheres to no set forms in selecting, attracting, discovering, cultivating talents through innovating mechanisms, reforming the evaluation system, strengthening practical training, etc. For cyber security personnel development, the School has a more open consciousness and innovative spirit as well as the courage to break the old conventions of personnel cultivation, builds a powerful practical environment platform, and truly promotes and implements in-depth and comprehensive collaborative education.

At the same time, the School strives to create a highland of cyber security talents with the broad-mindedness of "climbing high and seeing far", namely the persistence in climbing perilous peaks in scientific research, and the exploring spirit of finding a new path. No matter how high the mountain is, as long as a man climbs, he can stand on its peak one day and become the new peak himself. No matter how vast the sea is, there is nowhere where one's heart cannot reach. Through the implementation of "Huashan Scholar Program", we are eager to see the emerging magnificent scene of "mountains of talents climbing upward in spite of the lofty heights in the realm of scientific research, with each one competing with the other for greater height and distance and eventually forming countless new peaks themselves" in talent development. The School has always been working hard to form a mechanism that intelligently recognizes talents, shows sincere affection for talents, boldly puts talents into use, graciously accommodates talents, and effectively gathers talents. It has made great efforts and investments to select talents without sticking to one fixed pattern, and has attracted talents from all over the world to put their potentials into full play. In less than three years after its establishment, the School has directly introduced from overseas many academicians in "Yangtze River Scholar Program" and "Hundred Talents Program" into the Academician Workstation, and has won the "Cyber Security Excellent Talent Award" and the "Cyber Security Excellent Teacher Award". All of these are attributed to the School's desire for and attention to talents. The School also stresses the practical actions to respect talents, create a relaxing environment, provide a great platform, and create good conditions for talents to give full play to their wisdom.

Guided by major national needs and national defense buildup needs, the School has set the goal of attaining "large projects, large platforms, and large applications". Aiming at focused directions, it strengthens the research on forward-looking issues in the field of cyberspace security and breakthroughs in innovative and irreplaceable key ace technologies. It focuses on the independent and controllable security protection of major national infrastructures, providing solid support and strong competitiveness for national security. Its achievements in basic research have exerted an irreplaceable international influence in wireless network security, data security and privacy protection, cryptographic theory and technology, and many other fields, and it also strives to lead the development of emerging international technologies in key areas of cyberspace security, making this discipline a research base with an important international influence.

It establishes a number of cyber security research, teaching, and innovation platforms with distinctive characteristics and significant effects, and builds an integrated information cyber security experiment platform with an internationally advanced level and a complete coverage. The School is collaborating with the Military and Civilian Integration Innovation Valley in Western China to form a self-growing and virtuously cycling ecological chain of cyber security, so as to realize the strategic goals of shouldering national strategic responsibility, establishing global cyber security highland, providing national engine service, setting up innovation-driven platforms, and giving industrial transformation demonstration.

The School has made some achievements in less than three years since its establishment, which, on one hand is attributed to the long history and outstanding contributions of Information Security Discipline of Xidian University, and on the other hand is inseparable from the strong support by the national, provincial, and municipal governments as well as support from the University. In April 2016, Academician Zheng Xiaojing was invited as the only university president to participate in the National Symposium on Cybersecurity and IT Application (April 19th) hosted by General Secretary Xi Jinping; moreover, the University has integrated and invested a large amount of resources to support the development of the School to ensure that the School of Cyber Engineering upholds the goal of building a first-class college, forges ahead courageously, and takes the lead among the forefront of world first-class disciplines.

Reports of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China point out that socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era and we are closer than any other period in history to realizing the grand goal of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. The School of Cyber Engineering will always stay true to its original aspiration and keep its mission in mind, will thrive while embracing the Yellow River and keeping the world in mind, and will spread the wings of development and soar high enough to overlook the Yangtze River and open its eyes to the whole world.



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