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School of Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology

In 2013, School of Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology was established and oriented to research and innovation. The School aims to rank among world-class schools of materials, cultivate high-caliber students, and hold a world-leading position in core technologies. We adhere to the school-running concept of “Equal Emphasis on Education and Practice and Simultaneous Development of Foundation and Application” and implement the educational concept of “Six Educations” nurturing a new generation of capable young people with sound moral grounding, intellectual ability, physical vigor, aesthetic sensibility, work skills and psychological well-being. We focus on constructing the first-class discipline, cultivating high-caliber talents, and promoting the research and development of core technologies. We link the school’s development with serving the country, basic research with applied development, comprehensive school construction with characteristic strong disciplines, and the long-term development goal with short-term progress, to forge ahead in an innovative and enterprising spirit. Our motto is “Self-cultivation, Enlightenment, Pursuit of Truth, and Enterprise”. We have gradually formed a school culture of “Unity, Cooperation, Self-improvement, and Diligence” and a style of “Studying Hard, Applying Knowledge and Combining Learning with Practice”. Students from School of Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology of Xidian University are “visionary, committed, truth-seeking and vigorous and resolute”. We are committed to creating a first-class scientific research and teaching team in the fields of novel materials, nanoenergy technology, information perception technology, etc., cultivating first-class talents, and constructing a first-class materials discipline with distinctive features and obvious advantages. Wang Zhonglin, distinguished alumnus of Xidian University, foreign academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and academician of the Academy of Europe, serves as Honorary Dean of the School and Chief Scientist and Director of the Academic Committee.


At present, we have provided master’s and doctoral degree programs for materials science and engineering (first-level discipline), master’s degree program for materials and chemical engineering, and undergraduate programs for materials science and engineering, applied chemistry and nanomaterials and nanotechnology. There is a faculty of 66 full-time teachers, including 8 professors and 28 associate professors, 95% of whom have doctorate degrees and 44% have exchange and learning experience in overseas high-level scientific research institutes. The staff include 1 specially appointed professor of “Chang Jiang Scholars Program” launched by the Ministry of Education, 1 chair professor of “Chang Jiang Scholars Program”, 1 leading scientific and technological innovation talent of the national “Ten-Thousand Talents Program”, 1 young top talent of the “Ten-Thousand Talents Program”, 1 recipient of the National Outstanding Youth Science Fund, 1 winner of “New Century Excellent Talents” by the Ministry of Education, 1 recipient of “Fund from Fok Ying Tung Education Foundation”, and 2 gainers of “the Youth Program of High-level Talent Program in Shaanxi Province”, 1 winner of “Science and Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Talents in Shaanxi Province”, 1 receiver of “Rising Star Program of Science and Technology in Shaanxi Province”, 1 receiver of “Youth Talent Promotion Project in Shaanxi Province”, 3 specially appointed professors of “Huashan Scholars Program”, 6 chair professors of “Huashan Scholars Program” and 2 elite talents of “Huashan Scholars Program”. Teachers of the School have presided over and participated in national “863 Plan” and “973 Plan”, national key R&D program project, major special project of science and technology, key project of PLA Equipment Development Department, key project of National Natural Science Foundation of China, etc.


A large-scale instrument testing platform of “Analysis and Testing Center” has been built. At present, we have advanced materials growth and preparation equipment such as PEALD-150A atomic layer deposition, Kurt J Lesker Company’s magnetron sputtering and programmed precision-controlled atmosphere furnace; we have materials performance testing equipment such as Bruker D8 advance X-ray diffraction analyzer, JEOL JEM-2100F transmission electron microscope, JEOL JSM-6360LV scanning electron microscope, JSM-7800F field emission scanning electron microscope, NORAN System SIX Model 300 energy spectrum analyzer and Bruker e-Flash1000 backscattering electron diffractometer. There are good conditions for the synthesis and preparation of advanced materials, structural characterization, performance testing and the research and development of micro-nano devices, which can provide a high-level scientific research platform for the cultivation of innovative talents.


At present, we have established 1 national virtual simulation teaching platform, 1 Shaanxi provincial virtual simulation teaching platform, 2 Shaanxi provincial experimental teaching demonstration centers, 5 off-campus practice education bases, 1 university-level virtual simulation and experiment teaching center and 21 open laboratories.


We have achieved a reasonable ratio of teachers to students and improved the academic tutorial system of undergraduates, successfully building a student development system focused on “Academic Planning” and oriented at “Career Planning”. Under the guidance of work teams combining full-time and part-time students, various student organizations are oriented to carry out colorful scientific and cultural activities on campus.




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