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School of Foreign Languages

The School of Foreign Languages (hereinafter referred to as SFL) of Xidian University was established in 2013, originating from the Department of Foreign Languages set up in 1985. SFL currently has four undergraduate majors, namely English (a national First-class Undergraduate Major Construction Site), Japanese, Translation, International Education of Chinese Language (for international students only). SFL also has one First-level Discipline of Foreign Language and Literature (including four disciplines: Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, English Language and Literature, Translation, Japanese Language and Literature), and one Master’s Program of Translation and Interpreting (MTI). Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics is a Provincial Key Discipline.


SFL hosts six university-level Research Centers and one university-level Research Academy. They are English for Science and Technology Research Center, Advanced Interdisciplinary Research Center for Language and Cyber Security, Language and Cognition Innovative Research Center, Foreign Literature and Culture Innovative Research Center, Translation and Cross-cultural Communication Innovation Research Center, Belt & Road Communication Research Center and Research Academy for Digitalization of Foreign Language Education. SFL also hosts 10 internship and training bases.


Currently SFL has 147 full-time teachers, including 88 professors and associate professors as well as 32 postgraduate supervisors, with one member of the National Foreign Languages Teaching Advisory Board under the Ministry of Education, one member of the “High-level Talent Introduction Program” of Shaanxi Province, one Provincial Distinguished Professor and one University-level Distinguished Professor. There are also long-term and short-term visiting professors from foreign universities working in SFL. In recent years, the professors in SFL have undertaken 9 National Projects as well as more than 30 Provincial and Municipal Social Science Projects, published more than 100 papers in CSSCI and other core journals, and published dozens of books, translated works, textbooks and so on, including the National “11th Five Year” and “12th Five Year” Planned Textbooks. The professors in SFL also won a number of provincial and ministerial awards in teaching competitions and research projects, which gained influence and praise among other universities. SFL has established collaboration programs with renowned universities in UK, USA, Japan and other countries. Professors and students participate in visiting programs and online and offline academic meetings and seminars are held regularly.


In recent years, most students graduate and work in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other cities, mainly engaged in the industries related to Xidian University like telecommunications, electronics and information technology. 80% of the graduates work in the translation of English and Japanese for scientific and technological purposes, foreign business processing and other related fields.



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