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School of Humanities

After years of development, School of Humanities and Arts of Xidian University currently comprises 4 departments, including department of Philosophy, department of Chinese, department of History and department of Art. The school offers 3 undergraduate programs in Philosophy, Chinese language and literature, and Recording arts, 1 first-level discipline master program in Philosophy, and 1 second-level discipline doctor program in Management philosophy.

The teaching team of School of Humanities and Arts plays an important role in undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and cultural quality education. The school has a national-level quality-oriented education center ---National Cultural Quality Education Center for College Students, and a provincial-level research center --- Shaanxi Smart Society Development Strategies Research Center. Zhongnan Culture Academy based on School of Humanities and Arts was established to promote cultural quality education. It regularly holds Celebrity Lectures and Zhongnan Reading Forum to expand understanding and sharpen critical thinking. The school and the academy have cohosted a series of event in upholding Chinese traditional culture, namely Classical Chinese Music Concert and Chinese Poetry Competition. The school dance team and choir have won the university-wide Awards for five consecutive years.

In recent years, the school has undertaken more than forty philosophy and social science research programs of the State, Ministry of Education and Shaanxi Province, including Major and Pressing Programs of Ministry of Education and Key Post-Funded Projects of National Social Science Foundation of China, and successfully hosted a number of high-level national academic conferences. As a result, the quality of scientific research and academic influence of the school have been improved continuously.

As of October 2022, the school has 67 full-time faculty members, including 6 full professors, 20 associate professors, 26 lectures, 1 Distinguished Professor of Huashan Scholar Program, 1 part-time professors of Huashan Scholar Program, and 13 administrative staff.


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