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School of Computer Science and Technology
The School of Computer Science and Technology (National Pilot School of Software Engineering) of Xidian University was founded in 1958 and started with a computer major designated for missile systems approved by the Central Military Commission, which was one of the earliest-established centers of computer science in China. Under construction for more than 60 years, SCST has made remarkable achievements in discipline construction, talent cultivation, scientific research and faculty development. Our school is made up of 4 departments, 8 research institutes, 10 research platforms at or above the provincial and ministerial level, and 1 national experimental teaching demonstration center. We offer a postdoctoral research program in Computer Science and Technology, two national first-level doctoral degree programs, Computer Science and Technology and Software Engineering, and a national second-level master degree program, Educational Technology.
Computer Science and Technology was selected as a discipline listed under the national “double world-class project” twice in 2017 and 2022, and was awarded “A-” in the fourth round of discipline evaluation. Software Engineering is one of the first first-level disciplines authorized by the nation to confer doctoral degrees, and was awarded “B+” in the fourth round of discipline evaluation. The Computer Science discipline ranks in top 1‰ in the world according to statistics published by ESI (Essential Science Indicators), and has made to the 12th in the world by the latest ranking in 2022. In 2021, Computer Science was selected as the 2.0 base of the Top Students Training Program for Basic Disciplines of the Ministry of Education. In 2021, our school was selected as one of the first National Characteristic and Exemplary Software Colleges.
SCST provides five undergraduate programs, including Computer Science and Technology, Software Engineering, Internet of Things Engineering, Data Science and Big Data Technology, and Digital Media Technology. There are “Computer Network and Information Security”, a national experimental teaching demonstration center, and “Blockchain Technology Application and Evaluation”, an engineering research center of the Ministry of Education. Computer Science and Technology and Software Engineering are both approved as the national first-class major construction sites, national characteristic majors and national pilot majors of “Excellent Engineer Training Program”. Computer Science and Technology, Software Engineering, and Internet of Things Engineering have respectively earned the national Engineering Education certification. At present, we have constructed a national teaching team for “professional core courses of Software Engineering”, provided 27 national and provincial excellent courses, and won 10 national teaching achievement awards and 32 Shaanxi teaching achievement awards. 


Among our faculty are 2 academicians, 8 national excellent talents, 7 high-caliber talents of Shaanxi Province, 4 provincial outstanding teachers, 1 outstanding teacher by “Shaanxi Special Support Plan for High-caliber Talents, and 3 provincial science and technology innovation teams. Our staff are of stable age structure, reasonable academic structure, diverse origin of degrees, and excellent teaching and academic ability. Our school has presided over great projects such as 973 Program, 863 Program, key research and development program, major engineering project, key project of the National Natural Science Foundation, etc. We have won nearly 40 scientific research awards, including the second prize of the National Technological Invention and the first prize of the Excellent Scientific Research Achievement Award of the Ministry of Education. We have published more than 1000 academic papers in important journals or conferences at home and abroad, promoting the school’s international influence.

Our goal is to train high-caliber talents and promote academic research. Setting our sights on the discipline’s frontiers and the major needs of the country, we have constructed distinctive disciplines as computer system structure, data engineering, computational bioinformatics, computer network and internet of things, basic theory of software engineering, dynamic intelligent software engineering technology, software engineering in the field of industrial software, software engineering in the field of visual intelligence, etc. In recent years, our students have achieved good results in National Undergraduate Electronics Design Contest, China Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling, China Collegiate Programming Contest and other competitions. The employment rate for our students is high, who are highly acclaimed and well paid for good performance and adaptability. The employment rate for our graduates is kept over 98%, a substantial number of graduates recruited by state-owned research institutes including 10 China leading military corporations and well-known enterprises such as HUAWEI, Inspur, ZTE, Tencent, Alibaba and ByteDance, so that our school has achieved a high social reputation. Our school has nurtured more than 40,000 outstanding students represented by Academician Yang Mengfei, making remarkable contributions to the nation’s information industry.


Our school has consistently attached great importance to international exchange and cooperation, and has established close cooperative relations with universities in the United States, Japan, Britain, Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong and other countries and regions. We carry out the annual exchange of scholar visits, and strive to expand influence and gain prestige at home and abroad.



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